Throw ‘Ha-Ha’ From The Train: Bay Area Book Club Members Thrown Off Train For……LOL


‘Throw mama  ‘haha’ from the train’—I guess the curator said when the decision was made to throw several ma-ma’s from the car.

What started off as bliss:

…turned to ‘diss’ when “Sisters on the Reading Edge” book club members on route to bonding and books got their spirits dampened. Perhaps over while wine and spirits, the ladies learned that their laughter was a few octaves too high (over the metal, tracks and speed). As a result, the train’s curator pumped the brakes and had security escort the ladies off the train [one-by-one] and asked them to step aside to wait on…another train.

…we have a problem! We sipped wine, enjoyed each other’s company but our trip is being cut short…this women said our laughter annoyed her because this is “not a bar”… We are a group of 12…if we all laugh at the same time it’s loud! When we get to St. Helena they are putting us off the train –Lisa Renee Johnson

Now…it’s not like this was a ‘bus’ and by comparison, stop a train versus a bus requires a lot more effort. That being said, it’s kinda baffling as to exactly what kind of cackling could have been so bad that the curator would throw mama’s from the train. As well, considering the fact that this was the popular Bay Area “Napa Valley Wine Train” where (according to one of the women on the video), Napa Valley Wine Train run trains for many-a-bachelor parties (routinely) where, you KNOW the turn-up is real with screams, and testosterone filled cackling up and down the corridors.

  Since the incident however (and attention called to it), Napa Valley Wine Train exec admitted they were “100 wrong” for the incident but denies the ladies claim that this was a discriminatory act against them.

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