{Real World} Head of the Class: Charges Filed on Teacher in Houston for Giving Lap Dance to Middle School Student

If you follow my work, then you know that in 2011/2012 (in a chapter of a book I am writing) I wrote about and am working on getting a methodology of reversing “cheating.” It is a methodology for use between couples that I call the RPC Method. Laugh now, but thank me later because it really works, and I’m working hard on getting the method entered into the American Psychological Association’s Diathesis Stress Model (DSM) in hopes of it being useful for couples therapy [to repair broken relationships and to jump-start loss of desire between couples].

At any rate, from the looks of things (I’m noticing), it looks like we have another entry set for submission, something called: “Influinternetenza” (in-flu-internet-enza). I don’t think I have to explain it in too much detail-just turn on your Internet social media pages and it’s everywhere: females gyrating for “likes” on a daily basis for attention for the whole wide world to see.

It seems as though a teacher in Houston must’ve been influenced by the craze and wanted to try out her twerking skills on a middle school student for a different kind of attention and likes: in her classroom students.

TeacherLapDance  Although she posted bond this past Thursday ($3000.00), criminal charges have been filed against an Aldine Middle School teacher named Felecia Smith, 42, [who teaches at StovallMiddle school] but just one day, felt like giving a demonstration of a different kind for a young boy’s birthday.

According to the public records, the “inappropriate relationship” with the student involved Smith being recorded giving an almost four-minute lap dance to the boy for his birthday in front of the entire class [and put her head between the 15 year-old’s legs and letting him slap her on the butt].

Court records state there was physical contact with the student during the dance and as well, she is being recorded saying: “I love you baby, happy birthday,” towards the end [of her performance].

Smith’s reasoning for this inappropriateness?

She said the class convinced her to do it for the middle school student’s birthday.

Granted, we all have our “twerking” moments, and although some of the most indiscriminate “lap dancing” and twerking does indeed occur online-in front of pupils, behind pixels; it’s a whole new level however when you bring it to pupils–in front of other pupils.

Like my one of my brother’s say about no-so-smart females who too, have no class: “Man… class on Sunday” [meaning: no class + she must have attended school where there never is class in session: on Sunday].

That…was not a very good move.

She must feel really stupid right about now. Wow.


Source: Fox 26 DC

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