The Irony of the Ghost of MARVIN GAYE Over ROBIN THICKE’S Blurred Lines of Love & Life

There are so many ironies that occurred when Robin Thicke’s biggest hit of his career “Blurred Lines” hit the charts.

You be the judge:

…Not only was he being sued by the Gaye estate for its melody (allegedly) being taken straight from Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give it Up,” but as well, the monster hit record spiked Thicke’s career to higher heights yet, leaving his personal life baring blurred lines of a different kind-that eventually became the underlying reason for the demise of his relationship with his wife: actress Paula Patton.

images (10)  The blurred lines between the couple became much too thick when rumors of Robin Thicke’s infidelity and other brazen behaviors began to make headlines.

Eventually (and unfortunately), when it had all come crumbling down, so did Robin—and he began an all out crusade: images (3) crooning on stage (and anywhere he made public appearances); pleading to get his (by then) estranged wife back. This campaign eventually lead to Robin writing an entire album dedicating every track listing, lyric, line and limerick for the love of his relationship of his wife Paula.

As popular culture history would have it, as well (ironically), Marvin Gaye once dedicated his fifteenth studio album (Here, My Dear released December 1978) to his first wife: Anna Gordy Gaye with whom he had been going through a personal crisis with in the summer of 1976 after she sued Gaye for divorce in November 1975, claiming the Hollywood norm: “irreconcilable differences.” In addition, she sued him for palimony support of their son. Gaye fell behind on payments and a warrant was issued for his arrest, and just in the knick of time, he was offered a chance to do a European tour-then returned- recording [the alleged Robin Thicke melodic ripoff]: “Got To Give it Up.” That song, like Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines,” became an international hit, reaching number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

images (4) Oh the irony, I know, right?

images (9)  Call it:

  • Art Imitating Art
  • Life Imitating Art
  • Art Imitating Life


  • Life Imitating Life

…either way-it all applies. The spirit of Marvin Gaye and his situation overshadowed Thicke’s whole situation! Quite eerie, yo.


download (1)  At any rate, according to our sources, the “blurred lines” are still pretty thick over at the Thicke’s and Paula has yet to give in, and too, Robin is not singing any tune remotely close to “Got to Give it Up.” In fact, the talented songwriter-musician’s album [dedicated to Paula Patton] is ready for the world and first out the gate (June 23) was his first single (complete with a video) called “Get Her Back.”

images (6) If ever the old song “Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue” needed a visual, this video would be it-as, it is clearly representative of the lyric/line in its most literal form.

images (11) In the video, the blue-eyed soul bares his soul: Robin’s eyes are clearly the main focus: blue—while he cries tears that formimages (7) a river where a look-a-like Paula Patton, too, is shown crying [but swimming in both their tears].

While all this is going on, what looks like real, live, text messages between Robin and Paula (that took place during his transgressions and indiscretions), are shown across the video screen which, if you pay attention; tells us all a lot about her feelings behind it all [that she has yet to speak publicly about].

See for yourself:

download Ryan Seacrest and Ellen K of radio station KIIS FM caught up with Robin Thicke who, since the blurred lines of his entire situation were made public; has been very vocal about it all. images (5)  And in this particular interview, Thicke, 37, told Ryan that although Patton, 38, hasn’t divorced him-they are indeed separated and estranged, and that too, he not only lost his wife, but he lost his best friend, too (who were high-school sweethearts, share one son, and just married in 2005).

Additionally, he admitted that writing this album has been the most purest thing he has done in a long-long time (and as I listened to the interview, I assumed that was the metaphor behind the river of tears in the video-awesome).

robin-thicke-PAULA_coer art_OtherSideoftheFame If you wish to try and read between the lines of the Thicke’s blurred lines, have a look into Robin’s mind via the new album’s tracklist:

  1. “You’re My Fantasy”

  2. “Get Her Back”

  3. “Still Madly Crazy”

  4. “Lock the Door”

  5. “Whatever I Want”

  6. “Living in New York City”

  7. “Love Can Grow Back”

  8. “Black Tar Cloud”

  9. “Too Little Too Late”

  10. “Tippy Toes”

  11. “Something Bad”

  12. “The Opposite of Me”

  13. “Time of Your Life”

  14. “Forever Love”

Oh. What’s the title of the album?

images (2)  “Paula.”

images (8) P.S –Although Gaye’s attempt at artistic reconciliation of the irreconcilable didn’t yield him the results he’d sang out for, we at Other Side of the Fame certainly hope things turn out differently for the Thicke’s through the thick (and the thin).



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