My Summary of ABC’s Political Editor Chris Uhlmann’s Summary of President Trump’s G20 Meeting / Summit – What Now?

So while you listen to this delivery of the (fluid, under 3 minute assessment) of the goings on this at weekend’s G20 Summit, it may go over some’s heads but as a American, we can’t let that happen so I will do my best to summarize it:

ABC Australian Political editor Chris Uhlmann delivers a scathing summary of what happened, what should of happened, what could have happened—and did happen that shouldn’t have happened at President Trump’s G20 summit and meetings this weekend: A political convention of sorts with powerful political leaders and constituents put in position in one place to talk current world crisis,’ go over strategies, develop camaraderie and possibly mend any fences that may need mending in order to establish solidarity.

What you are about to hear is theeeeeeeee most clutch clinching, gut-wrenching assessment of a serious situation which is what I, and many have been tweeting critiques on all along: You can’t go on Twitter tirades and lend and extend yourself to minute (mi-noot) matters of media with bigger marinades to mix with world matters. Like I mention on our Instagram, it’s hard to respect you as a man (capable of solving powerful and pressing problems) when you kick like a child and swing at the press—who, are hardly the actual bigger problem facing you that you need to face.


It’s kind of hard to redeem yourself as someone who commands a kind of respect that (as a political leader) one should, when the writing about you is written on the world walls of social media—in your very own words.


As you’ll hear, unfortunately, the awkwardness that Chris Uhlmann speaks of, could probably be summarized by this very visual, screaming and oozing through the video: ‘While we know who you are a what your position in your country is supposed to be and too, the respect that we should be bestowing upon you, it’s kind of hard knowing [that] we really know who you are, what you are about, and what truly concerns you has all and everything to do with your ego, popularity, and “You”-rather than the U… ‘s’ of a’-the country you are here (supposedly) representing. I will do the politically correct thing and greet you, but I have to gather up the gumption to. Please hold while I hang a left and then get back to you-as I am supposed to, and (naturally) should-first. But I just can’t fake it. This is no fake news-but real talk to myself. And I beg your pardon.


So without further adieu, here’s ABC’s Chris Uhlmann’s summary, review:

Follow the transcript:

“What we already knew.. is that the President of the United States has a particular skill set, that he’s identified an illness in Western democracies, but he has no cure for it and seems intent on exploiting it.

“And we’ve also learned that he has no desire and no capacity to lead the world. The G20 became the G19 as it ended. On the Paris climate accords, the US was left isolated and friendless. But given that that was always going to happen, a deft president would have found an issue around which he could rally most of the leaders.

“And he had the perfect one – North Korea’s missile tests. So where was the G20 statement condemning North Korea, which would have put pressure on China and Russia?

“Other leaders expected it. They were prepared to back it, but it never came.

“There’s a tendency among some hopeful souls to confuse the speeches written for Trump with the thoughts of the man himself. He did make some interesting, scripted observations in Poland about defending the values of the West. And he’s in a unique position.

“He’s the one man who the power to do something about it. But it’s the unscripted Trump that’s real: a man who barks out vile in a 140 characters, who wastes his precious days as president at war with the West institutions like the judiciary, independent government agencies and the free press.

“He was an uneasy, lonely, awkward figure at this gathering and you got the strong sense that some of the leaders are trying to find the best way to work around him.

“Donald Trump is a man who craves power because it burnishes his celebrity. To be constantly talking and talked about is all that really matters, and there is no value placed on the meaning of words. So what’s said one day can be disreguarded the next.

“So what did we learn? We learned that Donald Trump has pressed fast forward on the decline of the United States as a global leader. He managed to isolate his nation, to confuse and alienate his allies and to diminish America.

“He will cede that power to China and Russia. Two authoritarian states that will forge a very different set of rules for the 21st century.”

“Some will cheer the decline of America, but I think we will miss it when it’s gone, and that’s the biggest threat to the values of the West, which he claims to hold so dear.”


P.S. the conclusion (a remedy):

I don’t follow crowds, trends and people (especially in bullying and where anger, coveting, or mean-spiritedness) is really the underlying guise of ‘positivity’ and righteousness…

That explained, while it does seem that these kinds of things are bully-ish, they are really calls for correction. And as long as Donald Trump keeps trying to defend his ego and foolish pride against the media, on Twitter and for his own personal reasons-he will never be able to concentrate on the country’s business at hand. In defense of himself, as long as he continues to Tweet, his only concern at important public meetings will be how to look, and prepare to react rather than to take action on the more important matters of a country over his own person.

Dear Donald Trump:

Stop the media fight, and personal defending.

Get off Twitter, run the country, get some respect be the president and get over your obsession with the previous president.


At this point, that is all you can do (and are in the position to do). The entire country countries are intent on misunderstanding you-because you are showing, proving (and giving them every reason) to.

…andddddddddd about North Korea?.

You prove points. Syria, or Russia’s are not testing missles right now that could reach us. You’re too busy trying to prove the media wrong about Putin and Russia to have even been concerned to go over the business at hand, like Chris Uhlmann just said. 


In all fairness, and opposition to Chris Ulhmann’s view, here’s Trump’s view:



Author: Angela Sherice