Stop The Social Media Insanity: KIM DAVIS On The Front Lines of a Clerks Desk Is No Comparison To MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr. & ROSA PARKS


Social media’s spiraling comparisons of Kim Davis to pioneers like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King is embarrassingly pathetic to the extent that who ever decided on such just don’t “get it.”

While, like Kim Davis; Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King rebelled and fought against some thing that doesn’t mean Kim Davis’ fighting against some thing (too) is in any way by comparison as, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King fought against oppression and the violation of equal and civil rights of people.

Kim Davis (stopping same sex couples at the counter from getting their certificate to be joined in matrimony-holy or not-and despite her reason being she is doing it for “God”) is still oppressing and violating the rights of people (who too, whether or not they even believe in “God” are still children of the same God that she claims to be standing on the front lines of that clerk desk ‘for’).

download (4)Although she stands on the front lines with a fight, that is NOT the fight of the Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King kind.

Just because Kim Davis rebelled and fought (by feeling that because she hides behind the sect of religion under the guise of a “God”-she is somehow some ‘representative’ of) that doesn’t make her, and people like her judgment right (or legally, or morally justified).

I don’t care how many scriptures and places in a bible where you can point out to the abomination of a man laying with a man, the fact of the matter is: that man laying with than man has heard of, or knows of the same scriptures by which the Kim Davis used as fuel to judge and feel justified to oppress and violate [rights of people]—at her job.

It is up to that man’s God to decide on punishment and judgment.

It is not Kim Davis’ right to judge [and violate the state rights of people] because of her personal stance on church that too, when she took that job; I am sure she was well-briefed on the separation of church and state like job description v. her personal feelings (whereby she hides behind the sect of religion and God as the buffer of justification).

The thing that people like Kim Davis who claim to be doing what they are doing for God is that they often think and feel they are judging for God and are somehow representatives of God when in fact; if you are not simply delivering the good news and gospel of “God,” all else that you feel and fight with is of your own flesh and feelings as, your only godly duty here on earth (among your fellow man while claiming to be a representative of God) is to be an example of all things godly—again: the good news and gospel of God—less your personal scrutiny and judgment.



Besides, her name is “Kim Davis” not “Mary” and no where in this is anything of “Jesus” but rather: ‘judgment.’



Oh God.

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