Socks That Won’t Make Falling Asleep on NETFLIX Suck

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NetFlix is making it easier for you to snooze and not loose in the event that you fall asleep while watching something under your paid subscription: Socks—so it won’t suck that you snoozed and missed your favorite program!

That’s right.

In conjunction with Deeplocal, a Pittsburgh-based agency, this DIY project-inspired invention will detect when you’ve fallen asleep and too, will put the show on pause so that you will not miss out.

Via a sleep detection system called actigraphy, an accelerometer will detect when you’ve stopped physical movements for a prolonged period of time which will then trigger a signal to your television set and in turn-pauses Netflix.

An LED light is sewn into the cuff of the sock and it lights up and flashes red as a pause signal is sent to your television while you doze. It will stop firing off the signal at detection of movement.

The movement sensitive accelerator is supposed to be able to detect and differentiate when you are merely sitting still, watching Netflix or fallen asleep.

Here’s for the part that socks sucks: You’ll have to do your own mending and knitting however, step-by-step instructions are posted at .

Heyy they said: “DIY-inspired.”

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