SNOOP Got Run Up Out The LBC? Homie From SNOOPS Hood Warns Him Not To Come Back Through


Well Biggie sang it best: “Call the crib. Same number. Same hood. It’s all good.”

But that was in the 90s though: a time when your only “flossin’ ” was delivered in words and only known and experienced by your immediate clique.

In the 90s, there was no easy click of a log on for your worst enemy and most highest of you in envy to experience you: Your process, your build-up, all that makes up “you”–your talent, your fame, how and who you are in the buff through to your diamond from the rough.

It’s 2015 now and while (thanks to IG and social media flossin’ and such) we’d LOVE to think that people really do share our joy and live vicariously through our bling, fame and green, not all do. Some however do in that, shine on you is shine on them (for the moment-ONLINE)…but it’s an altogether different story when you try to roll through the hood shining.



According to some dude from his hood Crischon Corde, (who wasn’t making a mockery out of it at all by the way-but speaking candidly), Snoop apparently got ran up out the hood by some young gangsters while rolling through to say ‘hello’ or whatever, yesterday.

This shit real out here they just kicked Snoop Dogg off the hood lol…I wish a Muthafucka would ☆☆☆☆☆ 21st insane on mines

Everything is NOT a Snapchat moment in real life out here in these streets.

It’s a different ballgame in these streets and with people that you grew up with and where you come from. Many have the same faces, but their hearts and spirits are NOT the same. Don’t ever believe it for ONE second. This Internet won’t let that be so-EVER again.

Superstar or not, or whether people know you personally (or not) this social media is giving way to new levels of jealousy, envy, angst, and anger at decibels that have not yet made it to psychology’s and psychiatry’s DSM books yet! Even with smiles on their faces, people are walking wounded: obsessive, hateful, feeling inadequate, and riddled with envy so bad that it’s seeping through their pores like fish scales.

Family, friends and people you knew and loved and could kick it with and share your secrets with-you can’t do that anymore. 

Whether you’re flossin’ (or they’re perceiving); that doesn’t change their heart once they’ve made their minds up (when they begin to see you in lens-like squares)…You got people ‘close’ to you, that no matter how much you grow with, are cool with, and include them-THEY are still gonna log online and decide (for themselves) if they’re ‘leveled’ with you or not. No matter HOW good you are to them them, feeling leveled is owned by them-NOT you. When they don’t feel ‘leveled’ with you, no matter how much heart you give them, they see you in these ‘squares’–not with, or from their heart or yours… And because of that, their goal becomes to knock you off your square via word, sharp objects, and sidewinding action.

There’s no turning back. The ability to actually see you from the eyes of the world in all your fullness (versus talking sh/t about your dreams-then) is real now.

The talk was cheap. The ability to show and prove it now, in front of them + the world has become expensive. And somewhere in those changes, something in them made them feel like it cost them, but you’re the one that will pay for it.

How can I speak on that? Because I learned that lesson during the time I AND THEY knew for a hard core fact I was merely grinding but BROKE. So if you can ascertain all that when your dreams are merely real and realized but you are broke (and again-they know aint flossin and frontin’)…by golly my God that’s your sign that you had better keep them as far away from you as possible. What do you thinks gonna happen if they are behaving like that before the money comes? 

You gotta know your element.

There’s a reason why winged birds fly (the air), sea creatures swim (the water), earth creatures roam (the earth).

You have to know how to choose the direction of your fire in this lifetime.

I’m guessing Snoop got a whiff of that blown his way-as per the homie, he’s was pretty taken aback too and had these words of warning for big Snoop Dogg:



The homies from Compton to Long Beach probably aren’t too happy Straight Outta Compton (and everybody associated with it) made millions upon millions–sect claiming with glorified stories of their PAST life of gang-banging (struggle and real life-right now, these same dudes are living)…

Every young dude from Compton to Long Beach right now  would probably not be interested in Dr. Dre. Ice Cube, or rolling through empty-handed.

At any rate.

Snoop’s got a family to look after. If this is true, he very well should have left the scene.

He knows all too well how it was when he was just Snoop before “Snoop” so I’m quite sure he respected it and rolled out.

He was once one of them, too.

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