Shots Fired at Rapper LIL WAYNE’s La Gorce Island Home in Miami SWAT Called (Live Updates & Reporting)

Well thank goodness the reports of “shots fired” at the home of hip hop artist Lil’ Wayne had no bearing or landing on the rapper and art wasn’t imitating life as I (a fan of his) could clearly hear the Playing With Fire artist’s own words:


They say you’re nobody ’til somebody kills youlil-wayne
Well where I’m from you’re nobody ’til you kill somebody.
And you know what they say, when you’re great, it’s not murder, it’s: Assassinate.
So assassinate me b|tch!
‘Cause I’m doing the same shit Martin Luther King did

Checking in the same hotel,
And the same suite b|tch, same balcony like: “ASSASSINATE ME B|TCH!!”

It’s Lil Tunechi. I don’t rap, I film movies.
Hear my rap, you can call me:

“Mr. Director’s Chair”, yeah, and that’s a wrap.

On to the next

Not the next scene, b|tch, the next check.


Welp. Cut.


We can all rest now, as “Mr. Director’s Chair,” in all in greatness’ splendor is somewhere safe and sound.

According to local station Miami’s WSVN the police have not entered the house and are awaiting SWAT.

Sources say that police responded to a call (from a person not on the scene) stating they intended to “start a firefight with authorities.”

Shots were indeed fired at the home (with possibly four injuries) while police were on route to Lil Wayne’s home.

They secured the area to contain the incident so that neighbors and people in surrounding areas do not get hurt.

Young Money (Wayne’s record label), confirmed Wayne was not at his home there on La Gorce Island and is “okay.”



According to reports, this all comes just 11 days after police checked out the home after reports of a suspicious person lurking around the parameters. Although the person was apprehended, he was let go because by the time the officials arrived because at that moment, he was on public (and not private) property.

Currently, the swat team is “waiting.”

We have no idea what this is all about-just the good news (so far): nobody was killed, and Lil Wayne wan NOT “assassinated” (or no where near the premises).

 Click here for live updates and reporting on the scene


That call from a person (not on the scene) stating they intended to “start a firefight with authorities” obviously started something: a Hoax-as this is now being reported as one

Now all this panic induced is going to cost Lil’ Wayne in monies, most probably.

*weird* Who in the Sam Hell is on PCP over there?


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