Seeing Clearly Now: 10 Month Old Girl Able To See The World For the Very First Time – Why This Is So Special and Cute To Me Personally

As a mom of a child without sight, this is especially cute to me.

As many of my wishes on a red robin have come true, this one of the 3 that forever gets a spot: The chance to see my boy’s reaction to being able to see the world for the first time since two-months old.

Although (firstly, considering the things that I’ve seen in the world) but moreover-through his bravery and watching his growth and maturity, ACuttingballoon_xlargeI’ve made peace with it. And watching him meet gravity for the first time served as an equivalent to seeing him see the world for the first time.

As well, considering how pure he is-the purest thing in my life and world since he was gifted mine; I feel good to know that all his “negotiating,” qualities and other cute and fun things he’s learned about interacting with people come from a natural place: through what he’s heard, touched, felt (and processed how to put out and get back-as a result of). He is a masterrrrrrrr at understanding that-so much so that he could get a patent on it. My lil’ boy’s got game. And you cannot pull the wool over his clear eyes. Somehow, in his experience (without seeing people-just hearing and interacting with the world and listening to people) he has ascertained what and how much to ration out–via things in his possession and even down to conversation.

Beginning since when he was a toddler, he never answers “yes” to you, me, or anybody. He ascertained that “yes” was giving way to much access and permission but would take the long route to saying “yes” to you by repeating whatever you wanted a “yes” to-then he’ll oblige. And if his answer was “no”-he’d simply say “no” (and will not oblige). All his teachers had to get this lesson from me about him. And if you tried to joke with or coerce him into saying the word “yes”-he (even today) will laugh at you as if to say “Nah. I know what that means.”

He knows that people come for something and what they come back for-depends on your input or output (and how much access  or restraint you grant).

Kinda like how he got in touch with gravity.

You see, although I never got my red-robin wish on him, the moment we were riding up the highway with his balloon in hand-snatched by the winds of gravity one day…and how surprised he was that it happened…that was my “moment” of seeing him “see” the world.

He used to love balloons so much that I had to

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