SCANDAL’s Alter-Ego Photo Shoot + Previews of Tonight’s Episode and ICYMI: “FITZ” & “OLIVIA” Interview w/RYAN SEACREST & ELLEN K at iHeart Radio This Morning!

It’s rumored that that epi Lena Dunham will be starring in on Scandal may be tonight!

Whether that be true or no, the cast of the Scandal crew will wet your appetite in their alter-ego Ballroom photo shoot!


As well we hear that tonight’s episode will deal with issues kinda like what we see in the news and across social media.

Here’s a sneak look (atop the OSF big screen) and here:


Tony Goldwyn (“Fitz”) and  Kerry Washington (“Olivia”) stopped by iHeart radio to chat it up with Ryan Seacrest and Ellen K. See what they had to say:


ABC’s Shonda Rhimes-created hit Scandal took a break last week to allow How to Get Away With Murder — also created by Rhimes — to conclude its rookie season with a two-hour finale. The political thriller left off with the return of crisis manager Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) after being held captive by the West Angola military. Surprisingly, she reprimanded her savior President Fitz Grant (Tony Goldwyn), who declared a war in the name of love that resulted in immeasurable casualties.

With the hour long spot concluding in a dramatic cliffhanger that left fans with lingering questions, Kerry and Tony conferenced-called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Thursday morning and spoke to the Ryan and Ellen K. about the irony of their character’s situation.

“I think [Olivia] is grateful that somebody cares about her that much, but I think she realizes that her life is not more valuable than all those lives that were lost,” Kerry says. “And so I think it brings up a lot of guilt for her that somebody would kill so many people, destroy so many lives for just one person. It seems irresponsible to her idea of who a president is supposed to be. And she thinks that Fitz is supposed to be perfect — the perfect president.”

The series, which is currently in its fourth season, runs a premise on the exaggerated and assumed transgression of the nation’s elite by taking viewers into a fantasized and dramatized White House. Still, Kerry and Tony maintain close relationships with the real-life executive mansion, and they tell OAWRS about the staff’s thoughts on the show.

As for Tony, he reveals, “I was told by someone on Obama’s staff that in the regular morning staff meetings on Friday morning — before the president walks into the 7:15 a.m. meeting — all that anyone in the staff was talking about is Scandal.”

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTubeKerry and Tony’s Scandal, along with hit TV shows including The Flash, Jane the Virgin, Arrow, Modern Family, and more, will be celebrated at the 32nd annual PaleyFest held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles from March 6 to 15.

Getty Images“It’s really exciting to be a part of the PaleyFestival,” says Kerry. “It’s all the most- favorite shows getting a chance to talk about the behind-the-scenes fun. So a bunch of the cast members — I think all of us, all the regulars — are going to be there talking about the show and answering all the behind-the-scenes questions and probably talking trash about Josh Malina because that’s what we all love to do, even though he’ll be there.”


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