Driver Roll Up The Partition Please: RUSSELL SIMMONS Sits Down With BILL O’REILLY Who Decided BEYONCE Is Ruining Lives

There are just some things we won’t touch, read, smell, eat, listen to, or….in this case: Watch (unless of course it’s for research purposes for us to rant and have public gripes about simply because a network permits us a platform with which to air our left-wing wrangles, judgments, and other forms of “conservative” coonery for ratings to increase our popularity, income and ratings).

download (29)    Take for instance Bill O’Reilly.

He needs no introduction (and I won’t bother-I haven’t the time).

images (34) But here of late, his latest gripe is with Beyonce.

download (30)  Before I explain, I will say this about O’Reilly: his invitation to promote your product or service on his show doesn’t come without sure-fire, airtime “incident” by which he uses as a segue to present your purpose for being there (under the guise of quick promotion and national plug) but then he goes in on you, the issue/subject at hand.

That’s his m-o for ammo.

He recently invited Russell Simmons onto his show who, he sort of made the ambassador for Beyonce Knowles and her “Partition” video. And before getting to his main point…he starts in complementing her on the brilliance with which she delivered the Star Spangled Banner but (and I say this with all sarcasm) found it perplexing that someone worth over $350 million dollars would compromise her artistic integrity and decision to express herself like such-when there are millions upon millions of teenage girls looking up to her-after all, she’s responsible for raising these “kids” who, once logged on to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and especially Instagram, the things so many of them do, say, and post for “likes,” bares the kind of watching well over a 3 minute Beyonce video laden with racy lyrics.

images (35)  For his gripe’s premise, O’Reilly uses “fractured families” and “unwanted pregnancies” as his reason for having such a problem with the influential singer ruining lives with this video.

I must say, I was impressed with how Russell Simmons not only responded (by using science and logic and how certain artistry is playing on that-hence the attraction to just what Beyonce is saying in the song). But over that, he (Russell) offered a spiritual/holistic remedy to combat it (how he does with his own children), yet, O’Reilly insists on being a “crusader who cares” for the children who aren’t afforded/in the know/ privy to the techniques and exercises Russell uses with his own kids. And as a result of that, O’Reilly

*balls my fist in solidarity and fight position*

…insists that Beyonce-ought-change her tune in order to save other people’s teens (who…nice how Russell caught the insertion and threw it back at him in the end): are of all other races too…not just black.

images (33)  Nothing annoys me worse than for someone who is chronic left-wing conservative (and who, himself, had his own public cheating/immoral scandal some years ago where he himself made immoral and bad decisions as a married man), yet takes it upon himself to have a left wing gripe and the audacity to use a race of people as “victims” to assist in making his point-when he could care less about the same race and group of people he has a gripe with Beyonce [about offending and stunting their growth].


What was even more a slap in the face was how the initial segue was the fact that the President-Obama-(whom he blatantly hates and publicly disrespects) is on a crusade with his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative “to help at risk youths especially minority kids …without parental guidance” (as O’Reilly so eloquently states)…and he uses that to pull a Beyonce card and play with that [to use that as the shameful example of the same thing that President Obama is trying to help fight].

Have your gripe, but don’t crusade for, and with specifics and certain people/groups of people by that which you don’t even champion and could care less about–just have your gripe and make your point [about a situation or issue].

The intelligent and savvy way to do it is to have your gripe and force people to read between the lines that is…if you’re truly intelligent. And if you are-you can do it (which too, thwarts their ability to pokes holes in you, your story, your character, and what you’re really about).

I don’t have a problem with people who have strong opinions. But O’Reilly is so half-cocked and happens to think he’s intelligent and savvy and he is NOT. That’s why I don’t respect him. Build your case and debate it without pawning off who and what you really don’t care just to make your point to further support your gripe.

Well, I’ll say no more.

Watch how this contraption unfolds:


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