RUSHCARD Freeze: 3 Steps To Get Your Money & Life Back Today

RUSHCARD Financial Armageddon Loss: How To Get A Hold of Your Money Today, Where To Bank Next + Cancel Your Direct Deposit

Dear Rushcard

This is a follow up (and resolution) from my previous post.

At close of weekend, I stopped by the check on the responses of Rushcard members and have a resolve, resources and suggestions:



First thing today, your priority should be canceling your direct deposit. While for many employers, it takes 1 to 3 pay cycles for a NEW direct deposit to begin, it only takes your signature and five minutes to cancel your direct deposit (provided that you cancel before your employer’s payroll is processed this week-so do it TODAY, this very Monday).

Be at your employers payroll department to fill out proper paperwork (that requires your signature) to cancel your direct deposit–read on, I will give you the information on new direct deposit info with American Express—they have more to lose than a “Russell Simmons” who, ironically, went from doing business behind Rushcard with a reputable bank called JP Morgan/Chase to (just this past summer) switching to some bank called “Metabank.”100814-Music-Russell-Simmons-Rushcard

Who the hell is that and why (for Rushcard members direct deposit customers) were they sooooooooooo accommodating in sending paperwork to your employers (and all other businesses you got direct deposit with)–to give these companies their new routing numbers? Since when has a “bank” or any financial institution been so accommodating in taking care of YOUR business for you?

Given this week long inaccessibility to your funds, in hindsight, that is quite alarming. This financial Armageddon could have all been a master plan, who knows.

SIDENOTE *If your employer (or whomever your get direct deposit with)’s office is at a distance to where you cannot walk up to their office to cancel today, I will give you incoming and outgoing online/fax info so that you can have them send your the paperwork (that requires your signature to cancel your direct deposit). Here is that info:

If you cannot walk up to the office with whom you do business and get direct deposit, call your employer’s payroll department (or whomever it is you get direct deposit with), and have them send a copy of the form to your local Kinkos, or ask if they can email it to you (for you to print). Or, ask them if (via their website) there is a form on there for you to download and print (for you to sign and fax back to them so that you may cancel your direct deposit TODAY).

With that link, all you need is a a scanner (which your local library has for free) and an email address and you can send free fax anywhere (up to 3 pages).




Name: American Express Bluebird (their card is NOT a prepaid debit care but rather, a prepaid credit card)


  • Does business/partnered with: both Wells Fargo Bank and American Express.
  • Benefits:
    • Has the “get your direct deposit two days before payday” option and as well
    • Lets you order free checks (like your bank’s checking account/checkbook) to pay/mail your bills or whatever. You do not have to worry about bouncing checks because once you write that person/company a check for whatever amount your write it for, you go into your Bluebird account or app, enter the check number, approve the check and it will kick out an 8-digit code for you to write on the check (right above them “memo” column) and Amex will immediately deduct that amount from your American Express card to hold funds for you to pay that check!
    • You get a monthly banking statement emailed to you of your transactions
    • Get transaction text alerts to your cell phone
    • You can scan/deposit/cash any paper check onto your account
    • Unlike Rushcard loads (for which you have to pay what, 5-6 bucks to reload), aside from getting direct deposit, you can load money onto it for FREE (at Walmart only)
    • BUT….If you have a United States checking or savings account (or debit card anywhere else) you can add those funding sources on your accounts list and transfer monies from those other sources to put money onto your Amex Bluebird account (you just can’t transfer money from you’re Amex Bluebird account TO another account.. But you can to another Amex Bluebird account holder or how many ever sub accounts you open under you).

(there are several other American Express Bluebird benefits you will find useful to you, just click onto the abovementioned Bluebird link and read all about it + another satisfied customer)…

glitter gold starP.S.

I’m a blogger with a major/global brand and following such that ANY business, name, brand or resource that I tweet, verbalize, or publish here at Other Side of the Fame gets major advertising. Bluebird/Amex did not pay me for this info to give to you. The need time time restraints on yous weighed more heavily on my heart than the time it would have taken to negotiate advertising for their business and banking products. Considering that I run a business, promoting their product for free is a loss to me, but as a valuable resource to you and what you’re going through-I couldn’t sit on that info any longer. That said, I’m not just throwing you somebody’s product because they paid me. Its benefits are as stated in the above bullets and that which I feel will serve you considering this tacky Rushcard mess.



  • Any company you do business with that takes credit cards over the phone—all you have to do is give them your Rushcard number, expiry date and three digit CVV code on back and you can pay your bills.RushCard_Edge_185x294
  • Places like pizza deliver and carry out will let you order food (with just your card number, expiry date and CVV code on back)
  • SOME places like Walgreens and other grocery store, or convenient store chains that can manually enter your card number, expiry and CVV code can give you “Cash Back” (if that store has than option and will let you debit draft without your card being present). Unfortunately, there is no gas station that will manually enter you number, expiry and CVV in order for you to get gas-their systems won’t allow it without swiping the card (and of course you all know that although you have your Rushcard in your possession—it will not take because your funds are blocked due to this week long financial Rushcard mess).


Those three resources should get yous off to a better start this week hopefully.

For now…just for now, I will press pause and let yous get on your way to taking care of your business and having a better week.




That “dead silence” you hear is that person being nice enough to answer the phone (rather than-like many of them-just disconnecting after getting through and being put on hold forever). That dead silence is merely a person behind the ‘mute’ button listening to how YOU sound–listening to see if you are screaming (to gauge whether or not they will come off mute). If you care call, announce that you are calm, and kindly ask them to come off mute.

Be nice. They are exhausted as you are angry.

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