Rihanna ‘s ” Work ” Knocks “Working Day & Night”‘s King of Pop MICHAEL JACKSON Off His Square

Today, Rihanna is certainly in formation and at the top-among the best of the best.

Check out this information:

rihanna and michaelAlong with the likes of The Beatles, and Michael Jackson; while the queen of number ones (Mariah Carey) still remains atop the list of the most number one single; we can now add Rihanna to the list of most number one singles too.

According to Billboard, thanks to her latest single Work hitting #1 on the single charts, the pop princess squares up with Working Day and Night King of Pop Michael Jackson-breaking the tie.

Work is Rihanna’s 14th number one single on the Billboard 100.

This is how she squared with some of her TOP music peers who too, top most number ones on the singles charts:

  1. The Beatles (with 20 singles)
  2. Mariah Carey (with 18 singles)Michael-Rihanna-michael-jackson
  3. Rihanna (with 14 singles)
  4. Michael Jackson (with 13 singles)
  5. Madonna & The Supremes  (both, with 12 singles)
  6. Whitney Houston (with 11 singles)
  7. Stevie Wonder & Janet Jackson  (both, with 10 singles)

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