RIHANNA Heads Out for Italian Dinner in Technicolor Oversized Dreamcoat


article-2561085-1B912CFB00000578-362_634x932       Known for her bold fashion choices, and colorful bad girl ways; article-2561085-1B912D3700000578-990_306x700  singer Rihanna steps out wearing a colorful, bad, velvet, oriental styled coat-heading to dinner at one of her favorite Los Angeles places to dine: Giorgio Baldi-an eatery that specializes in pizza and Italian food. 

article-2561085-1B926F0A00000578-588_634x823 The sexy singer stepped out in a pair of Christian Louboutin’s and offered onlookers a sneak peek beneath her oversized cloak by wearing a sexy, black super-short playsuit (closely resembling a swimsuit).

article-2561085-1B912D4F00000578-39_634x952 With her hair in a blunt, short, bob and bang; the Barbados beauty opted for dark, dramatic makeup, and lips colored with a dark berry and slick, exaggerated eyeliner (which worked well with her bobbed hair and oriental-styled coat).

article-2561085-1B912D5700000578-482_634x1353 (1)  The singer most probably needed some R & R and to let her hair down and opted to step out to get her mind off reports surfacing here of late this time-rather than her usual bad girl, or relationship woes-she has bigger fish to fry: She is being sued by an artist, Philipp Paulus, 22, claiming she copied his work for her hit single “S & M” video: a bondage-styled video (watched by nearly 49 million viewers on You Tube).

According to Paulus, the video was based off his fashion photography series “Paperworld”. If he wins the suit, the video itself could very well be banned-that’s merely smoke blowing right past the bad girl however. images (4)

…and no whips from the threat of those chains download (3) because according to Vevo, the recent video release images (5) “Can’t Remember to Forget You” (with the pop princess and her “Hips Don’t Lie”  cohort and sexy siren Shakira) is steadily climbing the viewership charts. As well, Rihanna’s “Pour it Up” video just reach a whopping 100 million views already, since its 2013 release.  download (1) download (2)  download images (2) images (3)   images (1)

At any rate…(literally)…

This comes on the heels of reports surfacing last week that Rihanna, herself, is suing her former accountant: Peter Gounis of Berdon LLP in Manhattan federal court.

imagesJust ask Money Maven: Suze Orman who because of the same thing, sued, and as a result…her career took off from it/this golden rule being broken that all accountants, brokers, or investors must adhere to-to avoid getting sued: “Never invest what you can’t afford to lose to avoid getting sued.”

So fast forward, the singer (who, now-five years later in 2014 and worth well-over $9 million dollars) claims in her suit that her accountant advised to her make countless bad financial decisions which set her back about $7 million dollars in one year.

Bad Girl Riri asserts that she was “effectively bankrupt” at the end of 2009 after following the bad advice from the accountant which, out of the $11 million dollars in cash she had in January 2009, by end-year; she was down to a cool $2 mill………after being advised to buy a Beverly Hills mansion for $7.5 million (which turned out to be a moldy and leaky disaster).

article-2561085-1B93258100000578-391_634x769 Well, we’re confident that now, in 2014, with the singer’s net worth being approximately $90 million dollars, if she was $2 million cool, a banned video and [perhaps] a few dollars subtracted by that [$92 million] won’t exactly set her back from being able to eat at places like Giorgio Baldi and instead; forcing her to apply for food stamps and Italian-al’a carte’ at-home, so all should be well.

F.Y.Entertainment, here’s a throwback of Rihanna and former poptart: Britney Spears performing S & M on the Billboard Awards a few years ago. 

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