Ri-Ri Says “F-U” To CBS T-V


With the exception of Tiger Woods with Nike (who stood by him during his time of trysts and transgressions), celebrities may very well be slaves to their potential and prospective endorsements and on their best positive behavior because of, but Rihanna ‘aint givin’ a…..f*ck.

th-59“F#ck you”






…is what she had to say to television network CBS who (like we told you last week) decided to pull her song (“Run This Town”) that was supposed to air during last Thursday night’s broadcast of the Baltimore Ravens game-but set to air with actor Don Cheadle narrating over the song. But due to Ray Rice’s domestic wrangle that same week; CBS pulled airing of the tune during the game altogether for sensitivity reasons-seeing as though Rihanna herself was a victim of domestic violence (at least that’s what all media was left to assume, considering CBS’ Sports chairman, Sean McManus’ vague reason: “We thought journalistically and from a tone standpoint, we needed to have the appropriate tone and coverage).Ray Rice rihanan header

Rihanna____RihannaThis week however, after the media blitz with people like myself reporting about the pull, Rihanna must’ve felt like after drumming up enough publicity surrounding [what she took as a slight rather than because of the sensitivity surrounding it]—it was audacious of them to come back this week and decide they wanted to use the same song for future games + through the season.

Either way, given her tweet, she certainly didn’t ingratiate herself to what everyone else thought was the reason for the pull: the sensitivity surrounding it.






Needless to say, CBS got word about the tweet and issued a statement saying they would be “moving in a different direction,” from the Run This Town singer. To add insult to the “penalizing,” McManus said that Rihanna being a victim of domestic violence was only one part of the decision to pull the song (week 1), not the overriding one.




Our sources report that this means a “significant loss of weekly exposure for Rihanna’s work” citing that more than ten million people watched the telecast last Thursday. The song would have been featured in all six of CBS’ Thursday night games scheduled to air this fall + eight others on the NFL network.

Rihanna’s spokesperson had no comment on CBS’ decision and statement or Rihanna’s tweet.

This isn’t the first time a major network or show double-tapped Rihanna and she declined their offer [to use her song]. If you remember, we reported back in January this year, the hit HBO television show called “Girls” wanted to use her song “Talk That Talk” for a particular segment. Rihanna declined-no reason to toll her decision, however.

Mussssssssssst be nice to be in a position to be who you are, and say what you feel without fear, and the majors of having those n&tz in a clutch-scared to…talk that talk. ‘Cause from the looks of things, our girl Rihanna just aint givin’….a “f*ck.”


Keep in mind it’s been buzzing that the NFL has been courting Rihanna to perform for Super Bowl Halftime and uh…Super Bowl airs on………..CBS. Oh I can see the boardroom debates now.

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