Red Sheep of the Family: A Surprising List of Your Favorite Celebs Who NEVER Won An Oscar!

So leave the statue snub shenanigans to Kanye, because the losers might be on to something.

Are you like Kanye or [were you] affected by last year’s Grammys that Kendrick didn’t win?

Well let’s look at the bright side. Those who were snubbed may very well be in good company!

Take a look at what we’ll call the Red Sheep of the Family: where they may have walked the red carpet, but they didn’t take the gold guy home-ever : (

Check this out:



Do you realize how many people on that list who played in movies and in roles I loved so much—I had NO idea they never won an Oscar? Surprising huh?

This list gives a brand-new meaning to what being a “loser” is huh?

Hang a left over to our friends at Us so they can elaborate on it all!

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