Tap in: Rare, Phenomenal, Jam Session with the Late MARVIN GAYE & His Band

*Turns 3/4 ways around and gives the side-eye and says in my Antoine Dobson voice:

Hiiiiiiiiiiiide Pharrell and Robin Thicke

Hiiiddde the music.

Hiiiiiide the experience you’re about to witness.

LoL. (I couldn’t resist)

Just kidding.


For those familiar with me, you all know that I LOVE a good, live, jam session (be it rap, dance or any other kind of performance art).

The energy is CRAZY! It’s like you are in a world of your own and no one can touch you! No shame, no inhibition. Everyone on one accord after, and sharing the sameeeeeee  energy!

Check out this awesome footage of the late, legendary Marvin Gaye with his band in studio, effortlessly taking care of business.

This was a culture shock to me of sorts and (in my mind) what a real recording artist’s studio session and jam session is.

Tap in below. They are vibing and feeling this.



…this is one of my favorite Marvin Gaye classics. And if you read my books/know me as a writer outside of blogging, then you know that (with my love of music) in my books, if it flows with the story, I mention the artist/work/song or whatever (like I explain here at the bottom). Most of my books come with like..their own soundtrack-unintentionally.

At any rate, when I originally posted this blog, I had forgotten that this song and a Marvin Gaye mention made print in my book here…on pp 117. Cool. I totally didn’t remember he had a mention until now/this posting.

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