Barber Shop Banter: Rapper FUTURE Said JAY Z Wasn’t Poppin’ ‘Til TUPAC & BIGGIE Got Popped (But JAY Z Admitted It Too)…Let’s Uncover:


roll you to the minute marker and you hear Jay Z rap the lyric, YOU will drop the mic. Even Snoop tripped off of it before he was up next.

Anywho. Here’s what Future said:


Barbershop combat:



You ready?

Ok. Minute marker 1:15 to 1:27 for literal “states” evidence:


Hol’ up, I wanna rock right now
My name is Hov and I came to shake the town
Yeah, ya boy’s internationally known
But I’m from the hood, got a pocket full of stones (STOOOOONES)
I used to cop (Rob Base), turn it into (EZ Rock)
Just to stay (Doug E. Fresh), all that shit to easy rock
Used to (Chef Raekwon), give fiends a (Ghostface)
Y’all know my (Forte), I just might catch a dope case
UGHHHHHHHH!!! I (Mastered) the (P)
with connects in the Midwest, so I’m (Heavy) in the (D)
UGHHHHHHHH!!! Ya boy still (Snoop) around
Since a pup, I been (Kurupt) and I fuck with (Tha Dogg Pound)
UGHH!! Roc Nation is the gang now
Some dope lyrics is the only thing I slang now
(I Get the Job Done), I put the (Kane) down
It’s no (Biggie) – heh, I’m just a king now

Jay Z voice “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

End story.


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