Barber Shop Banter: Rapper FUTURE Said JAY Z Wasn’t Poppin’ ‘Til TUPAC & BIGGIE Got Popped (But JAY Z Admitted It Too)…Let’s Uncover:

I used to do nails for a living and like hair salon salaciousness, in its own way, barber shop talk can go there, too. If was a teen and single mom raising a boy growing up with me and had to teach myself a lot of essential thing necessary for raising a boy. Cutting [men hair] became one of my hidden talents.


Before I got nice with the Wahls myself, I used to take my son there-that’s how I learned.

If you’ve never sat in on a barber shop session, surprisingly, much of the talk rarely-if at all-has anything to do with women, locker room talk (or talk of grabbing girls by the pu$$y).

It’s mostly talk of sports, banter and lots of competitive or combative viewpoints from all directions where each man typically has the floor to explain his point of view (on whatever the subject is).

Just recently rap artist Future was copping a squad on the comfy couch at a barber shop where he and some of his super friends (LeBron James, James Harden, Paul Rivera, Maverick Carter, Ebro Darden, Steve Stout and others were discussing hip hop.



Low and behold, Jay Z was in the paint and Future said something that (too many hip hop lovers) probably sounded like asteroid hitting the earth-if what the rapper said came with theme music: [quote] “Jay Z wasn’t great when Tupac and Biggie was alive. It was Biggie, Tupac, Ice Cube.”





…I’ll stop there and let you press play to hear the debate + a few clips what barber shop shenanigans be-like.

THEN…as a rap lover myself, you can meet me below where I will post one of my favorite remixes where…Jay Z himself basically validated what Future said already.

Surely when I

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