PRINCE Shows Us How a ‘Selfie’ Is To Be Shot, Breaks SNL Record, Drops New Music…….On the Net


Leave it up to Prince to make us all feel basic about our “basic” selfie.

While we may be all gung-ho about shooting selfies with our basic lil’ la-di-da  smart phone cameras, Prince shows us how it’s done (according to the You’ve Got the Look Funk and Roll star).

The enigmatic music impresario who for years, shied away from interviews and other public appearances, finally gravitated to social media just recently. And after all this time, decided to indulge in a lil selfie. himself.

Prince selfie+

Dressed in black with black gloves on, Prince pulled out all the stops for his selfie.

Complete with real lighting, and a real camera (the kind used during a real photo shoot), the music icon captured himself [in what looks like a camera lens of a camera] to shoot the creative shot.

He then brought it down a notch to play with us and shared that somewhere in this, he was a little bit like us (in that, he knows how to play with hues and other filtering functions to distort the photo).

Prince selfiePrince selfie3

Prince is certainly coming around.

As you may well know (and have read me state-several times) Prince keeps his net goons on 24-hour guard from having his music, videos, and even his lyrics from being posted online and shared for free.

But, he dropped another surprise: The audio for new music!………………..on You Tube, yo!

Check it out on the OSF big screen atop this write-up.

prince SNL NOV 1Although he may have pulled a Gemini last week and canceled a show right before show time in Canada (leaving no note to toll his rhyme or reason), he certainly showed up and showed out on November 1 on SNL and made history while doing: performing with his all-girl band 3rd Eye Girl-singing a medley of his new songs during an 8-minute jam session.

prince and 3rd eye girl

Prince last performed on SNL in February 2006.

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