Peace and Broken Pieces: GLORY JOHNSON Finally Speaks, MICHAEL SAM Ups & Leave New Team For Personal Peace, RACHEL DOLEZAL Scheduled to Speak Tomorrow-Now Canceled

It’s. About. To Go. Down.

Well…it was…supposed to go down: Tomorrow.

Rachel Dolezal was penciled in to address the public outcry surrounding the scandal where she was outted for putting ‘X’s’ in ink in places where she let the makeup on her face and the hairstyles worn on her head back up this hairsplitting fiasco.

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Complete with a birth certificate to back it up, Dolezal was outted by her parents and so began the investigation on her combined by the fact that she raised a lot of brows when one too many reports were filed by her-claiming she (as the black woman she was believe to be at the time) had been the victim of racial hate crimes.

On Monday (tomorrow) Rachel Doezal was to speak about her racial identity which (by birth) is Caucasian but at heart feels she identifies as [not of the African American race] but rather:  “black” (which, technically, is not classified as being a race).


The NAACP chapter president of the Spokane chapter (slash) city police ombudsman isn’t hiding from the public at all (as we showed you) and was willing to speak, but the Spokane NAACP rescheduled the meeting [quote] “due to the need to continue discussions with regional and national NAACP leaders” [unquote].Rachel-Dolezal-NAACP-e1434131310226-620x266

Stated as another reason the meeting was postponed, as well-Spokane officials are investigating whether or not Rachel lied about being black [by inking an ‘X’ by African American] as her race when she joined the police board to undertake her duties as its ombudsman.

tltrfcWith their domestic violence war of woes behind them and all charges dropped, all is quiet on the Griner-Johnson court and just last week, Brittney had finally spoke.

Now, this week, Glory Johnson (of whom Brittney was married 28 days to which resulted in an annulment) stepped to the paint to speak her peace.

Via an email sent to the Associated Press, Johnson wrote:

I am truly really saddened by the recent turn of events and was not expecting to have our marriage end so abruptly. I am ready to begin focusing on my health, pregnancy and am going to remain in Tulsa to continue to build my relationship with the Tulsa Shock organization, and my teammates.”

She continued:

I appreciate the support of my fans, family and loved ones and look forward to returning to the basketball court as soon as I can.”


As well, let’s not belabor to obvious pink elephant in the room: Inquiring minds are/were curious about that bun in the oven-if it the reason for the spontaneous annulment Brittney filed was because of a hot dog or doctor.


In so many words, Johnson bounced around it without really answering it–stating in the email, her wishes to [quote] “address the inaccurate statements released surrounding my marriage and pregnancy” [unquote].

At no stage was Brittney pressured to undertake the fertility process. In fact, throughout the entire process, Brittney was a willing participant, consenting and signing all the necessary documents that needed to be signed in order to move forward with the treatments.”

As eloquently put as it may be, although papers may have been signed on Brittney’s behalf, Glory never states whether or not Brittney actually attended any of the fertility treatments or what, if any she actually had undergone (which is why people/the public believes Brittney left).453365542

“In the week prior to the wedding, I attempted to postpone the wedding several times until I completed counseling, but I still went through with it. I now realize that was a mistake,” Griner said regarding her statement after the annulment that took Glory by surprise.

As well in the email sent to the AP, Johnson finally got her chance to take a stab at that very statement of Brittney’s [that’s been circulating in the public from peddle to post] and in  response to it, (finally) had this to say:

While we may have both had our reservations, we both willfully and joyfully walked down the aisle together and decided to get married.”

Sounds like, although Brittney walked away, Glory’s public statement “At no stage was Brittney pressured to undertake the fertility process. In fact, throughout the entire process, Brittney was a willing participant, consenting and signing all the necessary documents that needed to be signed in order to move forward with the treatments” is what she’s gonna use to legally make Brittney liable for care of the child (despite Brittney having said she has “no biological connection” to the unborn child).

The other issue is, if Glory was indeed impregnated by a specialist (and Brittney just so happened to have not been present), her (Brittney) being “a willing participant, consenting and signing all the necessary documents that needed to be signed in order to move forward with the treatments” may very well make Brittney the baby-daddy.  


The 64,000 question is this: Is there a real baby-daddy (that Glory slept with as to why Brittney spontaneously got the marriage annulled), OR did Brittney spontaneously get the annulment  as a result of merely second-guessing whether “treatments” were actually what impregnated Glory (since she wasn’t present?)

This saga will indeed continue.




Michael Sam was mum about why just one day before the exhibition match-playing with his new team: Montreal Alouettes (a Canadian football league)-he just walked away with no note to toll his reasoning other than citing “personal reason.”

Under a two-year contract he just signed with the team after making history as the first openly gay NFL player who got drafted by the Rams, cut, signed by the Cowboys, cut again then on to the veteran combine, it was quite a wonder that he hightailed it on to Montreal who so graciously picked him up,

This time around though, he dropped the ball on them just one day before the match. The league said in a statement:

The Montreal Alouettes organization would like to clarify the situation surrounding international defensive end Michael Sam. Friday morning, Michael asked the team for special permission to leave training camp and return home for personal reasons. Out of respect for Michael Sam, the nature of this decision will remain confidential. The Montreal Alouettes fully respect Michael Sam’s decision and we rally around him to offer all the support needed. The team has left the door open and Michael is welcome to come back whenever he feels ready.

Sources said that wasn’t the kind of statement typically given in bereavement circumstances or the like, and stated that coach Tom Higgins hadn’t a clue about what the Sam Hell is going on with Michael Sam.

The Montreal Gazette reported:

Following Friday’s workout, head coach Tom Higgins said Sam had attended team meetings Thursday night. “This surprises me right now. I thought he would have been out here,” Higgins said.

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