PARIS HILTON Pretty in Pink But Not Playing Games About Her Grind


article-2561304-1B93FC1C00000578-206_634x632   article-2560474-1B8B2E6C00000578-351_306x662   Our girl Paris Hilton may very well be one [of the self proclaimed] “Top 5 DJ’s in the World” and too, on her way to becoming YMCMB’s next big house music rapper; but the game don’t stop a princess from being hot.

article-2560474-1B8B0C8F00000578-40_634x812  Now look’a’here now…

article-2560474-1B8A505700000578-90_634x933  article-2560474-1B8B2BBE00000578-296_634x886  her 33rd birthday (2 days early this past Saturday night). And in true-to-Paris (slash) #Jetlife fashion, she stepped out pretty in bright pink in an Alon Livne gown looking like royalty-complete with a tiara and…………………………… drawls on.

article-2560474-1B8AB63300000578-187_306x662  Paris stepped out to let you mf’rs know, and to make no bones about whether or not she had drawls on as she walked the carpet of her party with a high-hip baring slit, complete with bikini (tan) line showing-just so you’d know (she went commando)!

article-0-1B8912F900000578-402_634x503 Watch out now!

article-0-1B88F33C00000578-347_634x736 article-2560474-1B8A4E7200000578-975_306x656 article-2560474-1B8A3A8B00000578-500_306x656  article-2560474-1B8A491500000578-666_634x936   I know it would be befitting to think that the party girl and socialite got pretty to party all night but I’ll have you know that Paris and punkin’ about her grind, yo…

Although it was her party and she could get high if she want(ed) to, the Simple Life chick-turned DJ is serious about her business where (at her very own party that she celebrated at popular celebrity night club Greystone Manor) she also performed as special DJ!

Who does that?! See a clip of her doing her thing, here)

article-2561304-1B93FC2400000578-757_634x635 article-2561304-1B93FD1C00000578-322_634x634

Paris is NOT playin’ with y’all!

article-2560474-1B8918B500000578-568_634x629  Alongside her the poster/flyer for her party, she made sure she advertised the fact that she-herself was going to be on the 1’s and 2’s!

Don’t get it twisted though.

Although the busy lady likes a good time, the (real) socialite takes time out to love the kids, too.

article-2560474-1B828E9100000578-844_306x689   article-2560474-1B827F9100000578-523_306x689  Just this past Friday night, she attended the Mending Kids Rock ‘n Roll All-Star Event at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, arriving in a bright Alice and Olivia red and white lil’ number adorned with lip prints–standing tall with red matching patent-leather wedge heels in spirit of, and giving off all kinds of Valentine’s Day swag.

Make no mistake about it.

As her new boss (Birdman of YMCMB sang it): “Go DJ!”

Here is a sneak peek of her video “Never Be Alone

as well as some pics from the shoot:

article-2561304-1B940AB800000578-366_634x580 article-2561304-1B940AB400000578-714_634x562 article-2561304-1B940AC800000578-765_634x544 article-2561304-1B940ABD00000578-991_634x475 article-2561304-1B940ACF00000578-245_634x378 article-2561304-1B940ADF00000578-572_634x368 article-2561304-1B940AD700000578-101_634x423

Check Other Side of the Fame’s write-ups on Paris to learn more her grind and her being signed with YMCMB where she will be sharing the roster with some heavy hitters like Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil’ Wayne and others.

Source Eleanor Gower and Cassie Carpenter

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