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{AngFrankPodcast Show} The Problem with Derrick Jaxn, His Wife—And The Woman That Exposed Him

If you’ve seen, heard of, or read one; you’ve read, heard of, and seen them all-especially since the invent of…

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{AngFrankPodcast Show} HARRY & MEGHAN: What We Can Learn About Racism, Sacrifice (and Superman)

As Ang uncovers in this podcast, we can’t belabor the obvious: While Harry’s brother Prince William came forth disputing claims of racism. But there is one fact (that can be used as a frame of ‘reference’) : never in the history of the royal family has there ever been a black woman or man in it. That’s not to say one is racist because they don’t have a black bloodline, but if since Meghan Markle is the first ‘culture’ shock to the royal family heritage, the PROBABILITY of you having racist views is, indeed, there.
Simply because the royals aren’t housing whipped backed slaves in fields and in-house doesn’t mean that perhaps centuries-long unspoken racist views that long have gone unchecked needs to be addressed, perhaps.

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{AngFrankPodcast Show} How To Tell If He Is Surviving Off You Or Serious About You

With the Internet enabling social media to be a place afforded the platform to speak; on the daily-varying ideologies, beliefs, races, gender identities etc. are airing grievances, gripes and more. Gender roles and relations are often a hot topic because even before social media, women and men needed to come to the table to have dialog and conversation that hasn’t been had.

It is a serious a subject. And because of, requires well-informed, well-versed speakers to speak on it. Unfortunately, in the name of “branding,” and for shock value and garnering attention; it is being bombarded with sensationalism that’s adding fuel to a fire that was lit since the Women Liberation Movement-which changed the male-female relationship game.
In this AngFrankPodcast,