{AngFrankPodcast Show} The Problem with Derrick Jaxn, His Wife—And The Woman That Exposed Him

If you’ve seen, heard of, or read one; you’ve read, heard of, and seen them all-especially since the invent of social media: Droves of males posing as “men” [that are] pandering to a big money market of vulnerable women [placing way too much trust and credibility] on males handing out “relationship advice.”

Like a Richard Pryor Which Way Is Up fraud pastor, these females “saviors” and exposed by the day:

While it’s not fair to say that a male can’t give a woman good counsel and advice, but considering the (backstories, scandals, and bullshit coming to the light of likes of these types), it’s safe to say that what they are really doing is indeed and (in deed) SELLING advice under the guise of giving-truths of true lives. But day by day, scandal by scandal; their very own personal truths and true lies are laid out like the carpets they are out here in these streets munching on-all the while with trusting audiences and full on committed lives on wives awaiting their returns home.

On the chopping block here of late, take Derrick Jaxn-who ‘preaches’ to a choir of women.

His m-o was slightly different however. His “aesthetic” was mostly centered around him sitting in a car offering relationship advice to the ladies digitally while, according to them all, his being married was indeed the ‘underbelly’ of his brand but one thing was missing: An actual wife (anywhere on his social media feed) that is—until like clear out of a Soul Food movie scene, wifey finally and mysteriously showed up on Derrick’s social media feed like cousin Pete emerging from years out of the room and sitting at the kitchen table meeting Vivica at the door:

While there’s nothing particularly wrong about that, it was kind of odd because in all his years of branding himself as this relationship guru (credentialed enough to speak on whatever he was speaking about because he was married); his union (with this wife of his) was never apart of the image of his brand—until he got outed for cheating several times. And to someone as observing and analytical as me (with a keen sense of people’s motivation), it was rather odd that, that first and only picture happened to be a wedding day picture-of all pictures he could have used. That, actually, was very telling that his being “married” was a prop and a plan, perhaps. In the 2nd video down, you will see where the mistress pointed out the timeliness of his posting the pic-after he pretty much dumped her and blocked her on all socials (due to ‘reconciliation’ with the wife which was pretty much what he’d do and how he would exit these trysts).

Well it’s like this: R. Kelly said it best: You can cry a river ‘til a notion starts to form, but she will always remember, ‘cause she’s a woman scorned.”

And hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, indeed and, according to the receipts and recordings-the gig is up for this guy.

After after I listened to a the following videos on the situation (by which I centered the focus of this particular AngFrankPodcast on), I formed my own “notion” which was:

  • considering the fact that for the years that Derrick Jaxn has only used his married as “cred” and the underbelly and premise of his brand—without ever having his wife join in on no ep of his videos, YES, it was it a bad a idea for his wife to join him amid his scandal

  • Not only did Derrick use her as a prop to save ‘face’ for his brand, he ultimately added insult to injury by using her as a prop while he spoke to his public yet about his bullshit (when, for years and before all this came out-the wife was a whole literal missing link) That was weird as shit
  • For that reason, he should have been left to handle his public scandal alone just as alone and SINGULAR as he put himself out and branded as and too, was found to be philandering like a single man
  • What about the woman that exposed him? What did she have to gain or lose?

(TashaK’s audio is going to go out a few seconds but keep listening)

  • Among the many lessons (of narcissism, OPPORTUNISM, passive-misogyny) in this, is this saga also a lesson for women needing to understand that a married man who says he is “separated” is still a married man just like a boyfriend-girlfriend situation still does not negate the fact that the boyfriend is single and so is the girlfriend–you’re either married or your are single desperate separation or “living together”

We all have something to learn and take from this and in this AngFrankPodcast, Ang frankly discusses (and answers all the above).

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