OSCAR Memoriam Snubs: We’re All in the Same Game – The Deceased Get Snubbed & Not Seen On Live Telecasts Too

We’ve all heard of having been snubbed by an award nom[ination] and how publicly embarrassing that can be (for some). But this next snub is one that’s probably a first in entertainment history.

I can’t say for sure that it is, but it was quite the shocker-seeing as though most often times at awards shows, whomever the committee is that works on the honorary award tributes or memoriam tributes, typically do a good job in doing their homework. 

Bhw2Bu3CEAAL0hi  Last night we all swooned over the legendary Bette Midler serenading the crowd one of my own personal favorites that lyrically-notoriously-has been known to stop me in my tracks and either get me all teary eyed, pensive or in deep contemplative mode (and how soon I forget–I even included the song in a poem I wrote back some time ago called “I Never Finished What I Started.”)

At any rate.

As she sang “Wind Beneath My Wings” for the 86th Annual Oscar Awards show, a memoriam tribute of famous faces we lost last year/begin 2014 year. We were all a bit enthralled and emotional yet, some bodies caught on to something:

Missing persons-and those missing persons were non-other than James Avery (a.k.a “Uncle Phil” from the 90’s hit television show called “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”), popular television show “Glee” star: Cory Monteith, and Tom Clancy.

Other noteworthy person not named/seen in the live telecasts slideshow included Marcia Wallace, Lisa Robin Kelly, Lee Thompson Young, Phil Everly, Phil Ramone, Lou Reed, Pete Seeger, Dennis Farina, Gary David Goldberg, Alicia Rhett, Alain Resnais, Jim Jacks, Clive Burr and Wizard of Oz’s Ruth Robinson Duccini (which is ironic given Pink’s performance of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” Ellen’s Glenda the good witch costume, proxy (3) the tribute to the film given earlier that evening and hell-Liza Minelli’s guest presence–we can throw all that in as some things you would have thought would have jogged someone’s memory that at the time, we probably all concluded was just an oversight, perhaps).


Although someone at the podium did talk about Alice Herz-Sommer (the Holocaust survivor and woman who lived to be 110 that died just last week–I know that part jogs your memory), the fact of the matter is she too, didn’t make the live telecast slideshow tribute unfortunately. Alice Herz-Sommer was the subject of the Best Documentary Short winner The Lady in Number 6.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, James Gandolfini, Peter O’Toole, Paul Walker, Annette Funicello, Sid Caesar, Roger Ebert, Shirley Temple (who died two weeks ago), Joan Fontaine, Juanita Moore, Harold Ramis, Eleanor Parker, Julie Harris, Nelson Mandela, Maximilian Schell and many more however, did make the slideshow.

We’re guessing that like you only have so many minutes to step up to the podium to give your acceptance speech, perhaps the same rules apply for a live televised memoriam.

*wipes forehead*

Because following the tribute there was a message that prompted viewers to go online to view the entire list.

Click here to view that entire list.

Source: EOnline

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