“Noisy” Guys Playing Basketball in the Street Prompts 911 Call That ‘Backfires’ When Gainesville, Florida Cop Shows Up Shooting

In this day we’re living in, if I can take a bunch of stinky, sweaty testosterone filled boys and teens outside in the street doing anything but fighting and shooting, I’ll just deal with the noise.

Unfortunately, a Gainesville Florida resident didn’t feel the same and took it upon themselves to call 911 to complain about the boys making noise.

The last time we heard of a cop call like such, a resident and a few others called about a “guy” by the youth center who alone, with his sister nearby; was outside playing cops and robbers with himself and a fake gun



…and rather than pulling up to shoot the breeze with the “guy” (who turned out to be a 12 year-old Cleveland, Ohio boy named Tamir Rice), the officer chose to shoot first and ask questions later.



This time around however, a mob of boys were “making too much noise” while shooting. While the resident called who was most probably peeping through their curtains, they were in for a back-firing they never could have expected: The cop pulled up and starting shooting immediately—a game a of basketball with the boys that is (no questions asked).

Just slam dunking.


Welp. Boys will be boys.

  •  shoulder shrugs *



Carry on…nothing to see (or report) here “/

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