#NBAFinals: Was LEBRON JAMES’ Timely Apology To STEPH CURRY For The Karma Gods—Or A Mental Tactic To Disarm Him For Tonight’s Game?

Being serenaded by crooner John Legend and eagerly looked on by NBA legend Magic Johnson, Game 1 of the NBA Finals is upon us with the Cavs and Warriors going head to head tonight-a game that nearly all the world has been waiting on and will be watching!

Well they say if you can’t beat ‘em-join ‘em.

As far as who will beat who will is subject to interpretation in the eyes of the beholder—sorta like LeBron’s reasoning have gave last month when shading Steph Curry’s MVP win.

Now although LeBron, having won 4 in his career thus far, made mention Steph certainly deserved ‘something,’ when in came down to being given  the title “Most Valuable Player,” LeBron James decided to play philosopher and games of semantics by debating “most valuable” (as if was being gifted to Curry).

“I think sometimes the word ‘valuable’ or best player of the year, you can have different results.” / “You know, that’s not taking anything from anyone that’s ever won the award. / Look at Steph’s numbers. He averaged 30, he led the league in steals, he was 90-50-40–shooting percentages from the free throw line, field and beyond the 3-point line, and they won 73 games. So, I don’t… do you have any debate over that, really, when it comes to that award? But when you talk about most ‘valuable,’ then you can have a different conversation. So take nothing away from him. He’s definitely deserving of that award, for sure.”—said James about the league’s player’s leading highest in jersey sales and votes.



Although Curry opted out of playing into the foul play and giving it any more light than was shined upon it already

“I’ve gotten really good at ignoring people. That’s been the theme for the last two years,” said Curry:



…since then, LeBron seemed to have scaled back on his words just before Game 1 of the NBA Finals in which he and his team (the Cavs) will be going against Curry’s team (the Warriors).

Call it making a pact with the karma gods (or simply an honest and noble gesture), either way, “King James” demanded a recount and (like Birdman says) put some “respecK” on Curry’s name


—just in time for tonight’s game, shooting this shot:

“First of all, I made the mistake by even answering the question because I knew where it was going to go, and I guarantee how it was phrased to Steph wasn’t how I answered the question. So obviously his reaction was what it was. And I’ve been there before as well. So Steph was definitely the MVP of our league and is the MVP in our league and is a great basketball player, and what he does for this league is amazing.”

He continued:

“Then the question was asked if I had a vote what would the difference be between most valuable and MVP, and I gave my opinion. So obviously you guys ran with it.”

Now whether or James’ scale back is an act to disarm his opponent in order to conceal his intentions or not will certainly be seen in the paint tonight.

And whether or not Curry was receptive to James’ act of nobility or not still

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