Soon We’ll Know If MUHAMMAD ALI Was A Champion Lover Too – Ex Jumpoff Barbara Mensah Shopping Sex Tape

Like I said, heaven awaits its champ.


Good thing we know Allah awaits Ali because hell hath no fury like a side chick scorned.


Not even a full week after we lay the champ to rest and the world found out great things about the 3x heavyweight boxing champ Muhammad Ali a.k.a the Goat: “Greatest Of All Time,” we find out that soon the world will know if he was a champion lover, too.

Well we got one thing out the way, now, considering this news alleged news—[that] sex tapes aren’t just a new age thing done, made popular by, and a springboard for “getting your life” such to catapult you into instant fame and success by our generation after all.

As it turns out, some woman’s out here shopping a sex tape of boxing legend Muhammad Ali for us to determine, too, if he was a champion lover or no.

Claiming to also be the mother of a child by which she bares with the boxer, Barbara Mensah is shopping the tapes to the highest bidder and according to sources, she knows their worth: “I know the value of the footage. “No one has anything like this. I’d like to get as much as I can for it,” Mensah told our friends at People just this past Sunday.

In advance, for the record, 70 year-old Mensah has her eyes set on 6 figures-just over a hundred thou at bare minimum.

Muhammad Ali scandal

Now obviously this footage is courtesy of some outdated media material but Mensah is working on getting the footage transferred to suit our new age palettes and standards, guys, so…this should be good. This here, is circulating-to wet your whistles:

Barbara Mensah and Muhammad Ali


Reportedly, the sex tapes were shot at Ali’s after fight parties known then as “Gumbo Parties” were women were arranged to provide the entertainment for he and his buddies after his knockouts.

Mensah said this about the boxer who knew and notoriously referred to himself as “pretty,” “There would be Ali and a few of his guys and then about a dozen or more girls.

All of them were stunning. Muhammad couldn’t keep away from a pretty girl whether he was married or not. The tapes show them having

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