MCDONALDS Swap Books For Happy Meal Toys – How These Book Character Theme Boomarkers + MCDONALDS Can Get Kids To Love Reading Over Toys

mCdONALDS BOOKS INSTEAD OF TOYSA knew a girl, great mom she was. And when it came down to her son and proper discipline I liked her style—for the most part. She wasn’t into physically scolding him but she had a drill sergeant style that was effective in varying ways. The one thing I hated however, was how she’d pile on studies like math, writing etc excessively—as a punishment (at a time he knew he was being punished).

Although repetition is the father of learning and practice makes perfect, whether you are age 8 to 80, the best way to reach people to make them want something (or want to learn something) is on top of/layered with something they are interested in, like, (or want to do).

Handing someone a task or anything during a turbulent moment in time psychologically works in reverse.

What say you about McDonalds switching Happy Meal toys for books?

Kids love surprises—as long as they come in the form of anything they want. And since the beginning of all kid’s time, when eating Happy Meals at McDonalds, they’ve always gone for the toy, first.

McDonald’s limited time switch up is changing the game for kids: through February 15, they are replacing Happy Meal toys with books instead.

I’m all for things that are necessary or useful and although getting a book at McDonalds isn’t

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