MATTHEW KNOWLES Shows Up On BEYONCE’s Birthday Well-Wish List, Interviews w/INSIDE EDITION Claiming No Bad Blood Because, Why?

If it’s anything that’ll stop you in your tracks and make you turn around like girls interrupted like Sofia’s sisters did at Mister after she and Harpo’s “I-dos” it’s this news here.

Starting from after Beyonce decided to cut ties from Matthew after being Yolanda Saldivar’d [who skimmed monies from later singer’s fan club Selena] after Matthew was cut off from the Beyonce in machine in 2011 (as reported by TMZ, for skimming monies off her tour earnings), Matthew practically disappeared like osmosis with the only remaining tie he had most-est to anything “Beyonce” was collecting a check when. and if either she, Kelly, or Michelle used the name “Destiny’s Child” (as, he Beyonce and Matthew Knowlesleft with owning right to just that).

In the documents obtained by TMZ, Mathew Knowles claims Live Nation Entertainment wanted desperately to sink its fangs into Beyonce’s 2011 world tour. According to the docs, Matthew claims Live Nation told Beyonce that Mathew “had stolen money from Beyonce on her most recent tour or otherwise taken funds that [he] was not entitled to.”

Matthew claims Live Nation was effective, because Beyonce had her law firm conduct an audit, and the law firm concluded Mathew had indeed pilfered money from her. Beyonce then fired him.

Matthew claims after he was canned, Beyonce hired a manager who had worked as a former exec at Live Nation and maintained a relationship with the company.

Matthew insists the theft accusations by Live Nation are false, and he wants the judge to give him the right to take depositions of various people at Live Nation, to determine just how they concluded he was a thief.

We should’ve known something sinister ‘singerster’ was abreast when the Beyhive was caught by surprise for as long as Matthew’s been estranged + since (given his wild oat-ish transgressions that ultimately freed Beyonce’s mom Tina Knowles and lead her to being the happy new wife in a new happy life she’s in today), when Matthew was included on the September 4th (2015) birthday reminisce list where friends and family of Beyonce wished her a happy birthday in song-with a song that reminded them of moments with her; Matthew’s inclusion caught many off guard.

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Since then (mid September) Matthew interviewed with our friends at Inside Edition to clear up rumors of his rumored strained relationship with Jay Z, and estranged relationship with Beyonce was false. Although he answered with “maybe,” “I’m not talking about my personal,” business, [and when asked how often he sees Beyonce, answering] “enough,” Knowles managed to wing resistant, combative interview by latching on to gushing over his granddaughter Blue Ivy Carter (with quick footage of him

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