What Should MADONNA (Or Would You) Do When Your Rebellious Teen Boy Chooses Dad Over You?

We hate to hear that our girl Material Girl Madonna is literally crying and going through some immaterial things she’d rather not here of late.

While, light years even before her 15 year-old son Rocco was a twinkle in she and ex-husband Guy Ritchie’s eye; she made up her mind she was keeping her baby.



Fast forward some twenty something years later and Madonna means it-literally.

In case you haven’t heard, the Papa Don’t Preach superstar is going through a very public (nasty) public custody battle with her beloved biological son Rocco who, after touring a few months with his superstar mom, returned to London to spend some time with his dad (Guy Ritchie) and has bonded such that the dad’s U.K. home is where Rocco’s heart is and he refused to return home to New York for the holidays to the Holiday singer.

Reportedly, on December 23 (2015), a Manhattan judge ordered the teen to return back to his mother in the U.S. (to no avail). Rocco insists on staying with his dad (and is still with him) and has missed school since Christmas vacation.

Unfortunately however, that is not the wish for the Like a Prayer singer-she wants Rocco home.

Now over the past few weeks, countless stories have come out about just why Rocco insists on living with his dad (despite he and Madonna’s close bond in the past)


…e.g.; claims that he feels more like a trophy than a son to his superstar mom who, as well, is the adopted mom of Malawian children David Banda and Mercy James.
12507226_565616973593541_1180295274685563371_nWith everything from claims that the wedge between Madonna and Guy came when Guy cropped David out (the bottom picture) with of he and his biological son (Rocco), to Rocco wanting to live with his dad after a big spat between he and Madonna as a result of her confiscating his mobile phone and other stories coming out the woodwork;  the fact of the matter is: Rocco is not 5 years old anymore-he’s 15: That impressionable young, pubescent age where boys transition from that right of passage to men and have dirty to descent talks with their dads and learn things about love and life that often times-no matter how strong a woman is, just can’t teach a growing young boy.

The newest claims making its way around the media circuit is this international fight for custody of Rocco has gotten to the point that the Justify My Love singer is not going down without a fight.1441344_10152085848084402_1266690781_n

According to our friends at People, a friend revealed that Madonna was not going down without a fight: “She is not happy. She is an excellent mother, and people can say whatever they want – but her children mean the world to her.

So what’s a woman to do in a situation like such?

Here’s the thing.

article-1034834-01f09e1e00000578-419_468x514Again…the boy is 15-not 5 anymore. No matter your age and what the situation is, home is where the heart is. And right now, that 15 year-old boy’s heart is with his dad (and in my opinion) is where he should be (for now).

Forget the power struggles and wills to win in front of the world when a 15 year-old boy has made it clear with whom he wants to live with (for now).

Granted, at 15 years-old, no boy know what’s ‘best’ for him, but you can’t take from him where he feels he is best suited (for now).

Considering the circumstances, right now comes that big question (for a woman) to rethink the kind of man with whom she laid and made a child with. His living situation, maturity, ability the rear the boy to man at this point in life…is he capable?download (3)

I don’t recall Guy Ritchie being one of Madonna’s many boy toys. And quite frankly I’ve heard the opposite: that he practically toyed with her-ripped at her self esteem and has always been pretty much self sufficient and able to hold his own (with and without Madonna).

Understanding a mother’s love for her son, no matter how much we like the triteness of, and subscription to “unconditional love,” unconditional (healthy) love is contingent upon that which is a reciprocal mirror of itself.

Be it a friend, foe, father, lover, or child:

You can’t (and shouldn’t) try/force love on what doesn’t want to be loved by you.1236235_565616840260221_2830631326360915152_n

You can’t (and shouldn’t) keep what doesn’t want to be kept by you.

With the exception of babies, old people, retarded people, and animals; anything and anybody outside of that is mere able bodied flesh and must be taught how to treat you-learn what you will and won’t accept and what your boundaries are (and too, you-by their boundaries too)…

Even if it is your own son, as long as where he wants to be is safe-let him fly free.

He’s at an age (anyways) where he needs a strong, male presence and guidance. And that’s not to say that being away means he’ll never return to his mother again. But his mother is NOT his father…

Give him some time with his dad, because while he’s growing, he’s going to also do what all teen boys do with their dad’s (as girls do with their mothers-it’s inevitable…a right of passage “assage”): He’s going to huff and puff his chest up at that daddy and get the wind knocked out of him (just like all teen boys do).

…And he’ll come running back to his mother (just like all teens boys do)…and going forward, he and his dad will have a brand new threshold of respect and understanding of one another that (unless he reaches that point of experience with his dad), he’ll never know.

That said, yes, Madonna (for now) should let him go.

Because (I repeat)….that very moment when he tries his dad and his dad knocks his chest in…he’ll be back home under the Madonna. There aint a teen boy in the world with a relationship with his dad who hasn’t gone through that. Like me, ask any girl that’s lived in the house with ’em.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are due in court for a second hearing on February 3, 2016.

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