MADONNA Is “Living for Love” : Slaying All Pecks and Perils in Her Way in Her New Video



Madonna-Rebel-HeartMadonna is back with her 13th studio album #RebelHeart. And after several bouts of creative compromises in which her music was leaked without her permission (hackers/ “leakers” caught), the Material Girl bounced back-no love lost.

Madonna is the queen of reinvention and hasn’t slowed down, played out, or sat down since the moment she hit the music scene.

Madonna2Yet again, Madonna was the first the reinvent/try something new: Via the social media app called Snap Chat, on February 5 she released her video from her album RebelHeart-a song and video called “Living for Love” –unavailable elsewhere until the day after the Snapchat drop.

The video’s concept is quite interesting…a stark-raving dichotomy of one of my all time favorite Madonna videos and songs (written by Babyface) called “Take a Bow.”

In the video [for Take a Bow], she is in love with a Spanish matador star who, as per the lyrics (and video visual) handles her heart a lot like the bulls he slays on the field.

Madonna3Well this time around, in her new video “Living for Love” it is Madonna who is the matador-slaying perils (and pecks) along the way where (at the end-as you’ll see) her fight to live for love leaves her standing whole-hearted, up, and alive; while all else that stood in the way dies.

And at the end of the video there’s quote by Friedrich Nietzsche that reads:

Man is the cruelest animal. / At tragedies, bullfights, and crucifixions he has felt best on earth; and when he invented hell for himself that was his very heaven.”

I love Madonna.

She is forever 21 to me and always will be. And I’m always here for her ever-changing styles both creatively and personally.


If you follow me, you’ve heard me joke once, twice, three times or more: “Adopt me Madonna. I’m packed and ready.”Madonna

So encore: “Adopt me Madonna.”

Amazing guys…

Check out Living for Love, yourself atop the OSF big screen


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