LORDE Behaving Lordly? Oh Lord.

If you aint up on ‘thangs’ over here at Other Side of the Fame, it’s been decided already that the Write Head (me)…I like Lorde. However, I blog (still)…so (still)…I am going to blog this story on a lite + objective pen (you know…as usual)

*shoulder shrug*

lorde  According to our source (from whence this story was derived), we’re told that our girl Lorde is (quote) “living up to her name and has turned into an unbearable brat!” (unquote).

Shall we call it reverse self-fulfilling prophecy…considering the fact that this [coming from the same source as my previous blog about Lorde not wanting a Twitter fanbase name-and who happens to feel that Lorde should allow the fanship process to take place despite Lorde’s wishes to not be idolized in such a manner], now has a “spy” that confirms that regardless Lorde not wanting to be idolized, she still acts as if she is “Lord.”

*eye roll in the head*

The GRAMMY Nominations Concert Live!! Countdown to Music's Biggest Night  My source’s “spy” states: “She’s a total diva! She feels like she’s so deep and everyone else is just shallow and oversexed, but yet she’s obsessed with her looks, always fussing with her hair and eyeliner–she’s a total hypocrite!” 

It’s also been dually noted that Lorde is a “royal pain on the set of her videos” and “put her hair and makeup people through hell and treated the crew terribly,” (adds the spy).

She would hardly even acknowledge them when they spoke to her” …oh: adds the spy…again.


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