LIL KIM’s Baby-Daddy Makes the Ultimate Peasant Move– On Her Rival NICKI MINAJ


lil-kim-mr-paperI should have known something was a-brewing when at the very beginning of the month, something came across my desk about Lil’ Kim going through a breakup with her baby-daddy that fire was somewhere near that smoke.
Considering the details that were given (which, in my opinion-were very hurtful and overshadowed the story-considering what was said he said) I chose to ignore the tip and carry on and not post it.

What a difference two weeks makes- look where we are [with something else even besides that!].



Now… if anything your royal highness Queen must know is that you never crown a man king unless he’s proven himself to be.

Well here of late, rumors are swirling around the Internet that Qbaby bee (Royal Reign)’s dad has started ruckus that’s not too good a look for a woman who fancies (and fights) for her title: [the] Queen Bee.

MR PAPERS INSTAGRAMBe that as it may, it’s buzzing around the Internet that Queen Bee’s baby-daddy [a dude that goes by the name of Mr. Papers] has taken a new liking to the Queen’s arch rap rival: Nicki Minaj.

Well although the two rap titans claim to have nothing in common, actually-they do.

It was just last week that Nicki Minaj’s longtime boyfriend [who goes by the name of SB] began following Nicki’s rap rival Iggy Azalea on Instagram.

Now, the Queen Bee’s baby-daddy just did the same to her (but upstaged SB’s move one better): he actually posted a pic of Nicki Minaj (in a thong) on his Instagram page-for all the world to see and even commented: “Well Damn” (as if this was his first time seeing Nicki Minaj’s a$$ out).

At any rate.

Lil Kims-Baby-daddyNow…a move like that is nothing short of one that deserves a beheading but the Queen should have known not to open her private courting quarters the world exposing any lad to the world who this façade of a social media world / Internet knows as anything less than “ballin” [in accordance to her m.o and all that she raps and claps about]. So when he makes moves like such, it all falls down on her and he ends up looking like a “king” (of sorts) by default [to gossip mongers].

It was just this past November [2014], it was being reported that Lil’ Kim kicked Mr. Papers to the curb for picking up chicks on the Internet-and strip-club hopping.

As well, Long before she was preggers with Royal Reign, the two had had an ugly, but quick, public Twitter spat (less the @’s) that had all QB’s fans watching like a tennis match.

Since then however, the two had obviously patched things up and went half on a baby girl.

Unfortunately, as of the new piece of information buzzing around the Internet, the Queen Bee’s fairytale is turning out to be played out in public all things less than royal.

The good thing: No matter the scandal, in today’s world, it all has an incubation period of about 3 days max (if that).

And Mr. Papers will be getting his 15-minutes of fame’s walking papers by Friday-I assure you…and life will go on for them both.

Lil’ Kim’s still “The Queen Bee.” And this’ll only sting a minute.

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