Le’Sighting: DRAKE & RIHANNA in Paris Partying, Performing, and Parlaying

article-2567516-1BD0C00C00000578-237_634x555 Despite having gone on record time and time again answering with diplomatic sentiments wrapped in friend-zone backhandedness when questioned about Rihanna-to the tune of her being a great girl/every man’s dream/’we’re just cool though,’ and answering Ellen [DeGeneres] by stating they’re really cool but he doesn’t do-do-overs; Rihanna and her boy-toy, delegated rap God, and self-proclaimed light-skinned Keith Sweat seem to bump heads in places to bump and grind: In night clubs from city to city-this time: Paris, France.

    article-2567516-1BD31AE900000578-234_638x569 article-2567516-1BD31B0700000578-621_642x625 article-2567516-1BD31B1400000578-812_642x748 article-2567901-1BD31ECC00000578-738_634x903 That’s right.

Our girl Rihanna, fresh off her private weekend shin-dig with close girlfriends in Aspen, headed straight to Paris France in support of article-2567516-1BD0BF8800000578-429_634x484  article-2567516-1BD0BF7500000578-709_634x579   article-2567516-1BD0BF6800000578-548_634x778 the rapper who was invited to guest star on the 1s and 2’s for club article-2567516-1BD0BFA100000578-640_634x422 Soixante Dix Neuf’s first birthday extravaganza.

article-2567516-1BD0BFC400000578-965_634x511 The two were spotted sipping on Belvedere and Vodka while the rapper-turned-Drake for the night entertained the crowd with his DJ set.

article-2567516-1BD0BFB400000578-495_634x679  Earlier this month, the two were spotted getting into the same taxicab outside of Hooray Henry’s in West Hollywood, but reportedly tried to keep the fact that they were together under wraps as the left the club separately-that didn’t work out to well, however [there, or anywhere].

 article-2567516-1BD3536600000578-906_308x693   article-2567516-1BD3537600000578-247_640x826  article-2567516-1BD3538800000578-254_312x691 Just hours before the rapper was set to take the stage last night, Rihanna arrived at the Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy in anything but something in an attempt to try and be discreet [arriving in an eye-catching Miu Miu quilted orange and black banded coat black leggings, and a pair of black Chuck Taylors] while making her way from the car to the backstage area. The two collaborators of “Take Care” and “What’s My Name,” wooed the crowd into the night.

article-2567901-1BCFB06000000578-867_634x830  Insiders at HollywoodLife.com say that the Bajan beauty began seeing Drake again later last year, but they aren’t ready to have a committed relationship. Says the source: “They are doing what they do on the low, and they like to keep it that way. They fill each other’s needs when they can, and that’s how they are choosing to roll.”

directorscut...Ok so, we get word to only believe half of what you see and none of what your hear and…blah lah blah lah…however that thing goes…and that Rihanna may be in Paris for Fashion Week or whatever. I hate being read the riot act…look, I’m just the messenger, not the messiah, Yo.

So at any rate and in the meantime, and in between time (for your viewing pleasure), we’ll let you get your roll on from some video footage making its rounds ’round the net.


Source: Hanna Flint and Jennifer Pearson

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