KELLY PRICE: Winner of the Cheapest Divorce – As Easy As …Bye

Kelly Price and Jeffrey

Talk about wasy as pie bye.

Singer Kelly Price is divorcing her husband of 20 years and has to have one of THEE easiest divorces since jointly marrying broke, going through the motions and emotions [and then] breaking up both (still) broke.Kelly Price and Jeffery Rolle

Kelly Price and ex husband JeffThe difference is however, Price aint broke. But check this out.

Back in July, the songbird announced that she and her husbandger of 23 years (Jeffery Rolle, Sr.) were divorcing. They got married when she was 19 and have two adult children (so there will be no custody battle).

Neither Kelly of Jeffrey are seeking spousal support, nor is there any community property to be divided amongst the two and as well, they both agreed to end their professional relationship (as artist-manager).


That one there was easy as pie bye and one such that can make you say “I want my divorce to be like that!”

*crossed eyed face …because, oxymoron right?

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