KARL MALONE Caught on Cam: New Wife, Old Dance………Old ‘Flip Phone’ in Hand


Even when we’re not on, or using or fancy-smancy phones and cellular devices; while the rest of us continue to provide ‘Big Brother’ entertainment, and all involuntary information about our patterns, habits and other evidence to be used against us (if ever needed), “The Mailman,” former Utah Jazz / Lakers basketball player Karl Malone continues to opt for letting his fingers do the talking and walking the analog way.



If you remember, back in March 2014 “The Mailman” got delivered a first class clowning [on his daring show up in our new age world of all things instant gratifying] with a damned flip phone!

Obviously, the peer pressure didn’t dial down the former power forward because, fast forward-he’s still flipping his lid. You can almost hear theme music at the zoom in:


While at his son KJ’s LSU v. Syracuse game today, ESPN shined the camera over to the retired, 2x NBA MVP player with his new wife, old dance moves and—old phone.

He’s not the only one. Former teammate and chum, retired point guard John Stockton aint about this life either.

John Stockton and Karl Malone flip phones

CLmkvTKUEAA9DiZI dunno about you but for me, stuff like that is so primitive and foreign to my eyes (not my heart and mind), but is to my eyes-such that staring at it seems so…sooo “B.C”-like…[at least for a moment, at leisure and convenience: press ‘pa
use’] and makes you wanna get naked and cover up in leaves and just hang out in nature in a bungalow and be apart of their analog life and world.

How comforting, yet funny a sight to see.






Other Side of the Fame Karl Malone flip phone blog(Ok. I admit. Tucked away, I still my flips from 2005-my Motorola i710 “chirp” jawn and from 2000, my Sprint N400. LoL. I’m quite sure these phone specs are looonnggg gone out of Phonescoop.com’s files).

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