Case Closed: KANYE Settles Out Of Court For Hitting Teen Boy


I’m just gonna chime and remix Kanye’s song’s sentiment:

I aint saying he’s a gold-digger, but he aint messing with no broke-broke.

KANYE_CUTE Well, we told you about young cuz who was the first to break Kanye’s vow of positive behavior and silence after he was whooped on my Kanye for spewing racial epithets and swearing at Kim [Kardashian] for suggesting he not speak the way he was speaking: DUDE AND KIMswearing out at the paparazzi (who obviously were nearby sniffing the Kimye sighting). If you remember, the incident lead to Kanye grabbing hold of what had gone on, by meeting the by (or in) a nearby Beverly Hills chiropractors office-where it was alleged that Kanye “punched him in the arm.”

DUDE_  Well, I don’t know if we have to report it as being “alleged,” anymore than this incident wreaked of more than a “punch in the arm.” Come on, let’s keep it real: as 50 Cent would say: [we know Kanye] “whooped that boy’s head.”

Well, whatever “had-happened” TMZ probably won’t get the pleasure of getting a hold of the court records for us to prove what did, and did not happen because according to reports; young cuz must have felt that a pay-off around the $250,000 range was enough to make like the whole thing was nothing to make bones about.

Obviously the L.A District Attorney wanted to go forward with prosecuting the Kanye on the alleged incident but with having paid the victim a quarter million dollars, the possibility of that being possible certainly went west.

dude   DUDE AGAINSince then, it has been made official that the case is definitely closed and the L.A District Attorney declined to prosecute or press charges on Kanye because there isn’t much he can do with an uncooperative victim who most probably by now has cashed the check. According to legal analysts, considering the fact that the boy made racial epithets combined with the fact that the jury pool will most probably be very familiar with who Kanye West is, odds against the boy are pretty much stacked against him (with regard to favor/conflict of interest and the sensitive nature of why all this began: his racial epithets and swears).


kanye_free of charges Back to Yeezianity, positivity, the light, and life for Kanye as-was.

Eye Spied TMZ and EOnline

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