JEREMY MEEKS’ Wife Furious Over Photo Frenzy, Yet, Yielding No Pennies

The Internet’s Fine Felon”: Jeremy Meeks’ predicted modeling future may very well be uncertain, but one thing’s for certain, and two, for sure: the Meeks’ unfortunate story is certainly handing out a prime example in understanding the difference between:

  • Fame
  • Success
  • Fortune (money/wealth)

…and that (as well), just because you got a little [Internet] fame (intentionally or unintentionally/on purpose or by default via public information): it doesn’t necessarily mean you are/going to be:

  • Successful
  • Rich (have fortunate/money/wealth)

10393962_884012508292667_8959806300343946826_n  Not  everybody is interested in our making them “famous” for our Internet and keyboard entertainment (for free) especially when they have more pressing issues to deal with. That very well may be the case for the Meeks. Because according to our sources, the wife of Jeremy Meeks, the handsome lad caught up in the long arms of the law currently, is not amused by all the hoop-la surrounding her husband’s incredibly good looks, according to a friend (Simone Johnson who told that to Sacramento CBS affiliate CBS 13): “She’s furious, and people are taking it as a joke…thinking it’s funny…talking about his looks and saying all kinds of crazy things.”

Obviously (and understandably I might add–shhhhhiiiiii)…if all the lusting and swooning honeys paid like they weigh[ed in on his good looks], and the long monies contributed to his situation (for his bail) matched the lengthy adoration he’s received; the Internet fame and attention wouldn’t be so bad for he and his wife and family (which includes a 3 year-old child).

Well, it didn’t take long for our guys at TerMiteZ to go dumpster diving and circulate these other [mugshots?]0620-meeks-jeremy-three-mug-shots-tmz-7   of the fine felon-OtherSideoftheFame_jeremy-meeksMUGSHOT-writeup  shedding light on the fact that the Stockton Police Department most probably had some awesome lighting in their mugshot booth which blinded the eyes of countless women across the world wide web pecking on those keyboard keys-ready to peck his hands and situation with some dollars—until they all found out he had a wife [most probably]. At that point, the dream was over, and the “Usher-Effect” must’ve kicked in: sex-appeal knocked down a couple notches once the ladies knew that [by holy matrimony and moral standards] they don’t stand a chance.

Jeremy Meeks_story_ OtherSideoftheFame_dotcom  Meeks’ uncovered and exposed rap sheet is adorned with far more than the eye could, at first, see (past his good looks). Now, with TerMiteZ having eaten through the wood of what could have or would have for the good-looking guy, and the world now knowing he’s been:

…all is not looking so good as Meeks himself, looks good (in his Stockton PD mugshot photo) + considering the different picture of Meeks being painted as him labeled as “one of the most violent criminals in the Stockton area,” (as per Stockton PD spokesperson Joseph Silva).

Jeremy Meeks is currently being held on $1 million dollars bond and will be arraigned on June 27.

June 19, he released a statement asserting: “Well I appreciate the attention, but I just want them to know that this is really not me, I’m not some kingpin.”

According to his wife, Meeks was on his way to work when his recent/June 2014 mishap occurred and was only carrying a gun for protection and has been practicing Christianity for several years now.

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