After Insinuating He Was Gay, 50 CENT Puts It Out There That VIVICA FOX Tossed His Salad+Does Such Sex Act Mean A Man is Gay?

I know. I get it.

We can get realllly comfy-cozy sitting up with our “gir-friends” who by nature…can somehow bring out all the b/tchassedness in us and make us spill all kinds beans and tea that even we forgot we had stored.

50 vivica vintageTake 50 Cent’s ex actress Vivica Fox for example who sat on the couch with Bravo’s Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live last night-and well, this is what-had happened:

Vivica, who’s got a part in the hot, television drama Empire [by which you know, as we’ve told you; 50 Cent is enemy number one of], was asked a question about his statement regarding the show’s ratings drops where 50 stated the ratings slip was probably due to too much “gay stuff.”

Reportedly, after specific blogs reported it (*wink-wink), 50’s publicist went on spin control to clarify the statement so that the LGBT community wouldn’t come dragging 50 for filth in the sure to come near future.

Needless to say, the spin worked and all was washed down—that is, until Vivica showed up (to some hopefully-tipsy) on WWHL chit chatting it up with Andy Cohen and RHOA’s Kandi Burruss where Vivica referred to 50’s “gay stuff” statement as “a cat calling the kettle black.”50 vivica drama0
Before we reiterate what she insinuated, we’re going to tell you that 50 kept it 100 and came on out the bag with what Vivica was insinuating-(joking?) that by force) she ate his a$$ when the two were dating (and in case you didn’t know, it ended pretty badly as what was reported-made Vivica look like she was ‘out there’ and stalking the man out by his house-unable to get over it).

Now granted, the morning after can be quite comical in our mind: the playback of rolling your man’s knees up to his chest like he’s on a baby changing table and poopin-scoopin’, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he is gay. (Unfortunately?) our maker made the anus an erogenous zone and for a man-his prostate sits right within tongue or fingers distance such that an upward wiggle while in and towards you facing it can kinda tickle however, that doesn’t necessarily mean a man is gay.


Although she lead to it [that] her insinuation stemming from an old

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