In New Rockumentary “Like I Never Left” FUTURE Gives Details of What Drew The Wedge Between He and CIARA

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In a rockumentary video diary of sorts filmed by Elliott Wilson; while out on tour, Rapper: Future, is letting the world in a little more on just who “Future”-the man and the artist is.

In the news lately with his talent being overshadowed by a break up (and make ups to break up), this time around-focused on the music; rap’s Jimi Hendrix takes the cameras on the road with him while his thoughts are documented along the way.

In the trailer for “Like I Never Left” (around the 2:00 marker) he does go in to some detail about his relationship with Ciara and pretty much says that what ended up being creative differences ultimately drew a wedge between the two.

And as she went “pop” creatively, so did they (personally):Future

“So I went to my…uh…my fiancee at the time (Ciara) and I told her, ‘Man, let’s get back to working. Let’s get back to music.’ She was pregnant and she started working on the next album. Me and [producer]: “Mike Will Made It” we…we  finished the album before the album she just dropped, and…she ‘aint’ want us to be a part of it at first. I was like ‘damn, we just came off a number one and you go straight to Dr. Luke…and start working with him? And you go right back to the pop lane after you get a little…steam. We shouldn’t do that, we should just finish what we started…you know what I’m sayin…’ and go back to that Body Party lane…give the fans what they wanted….that’s what they want from you-like let’s give ‘em that and let it cross over to pop instead of trying to chase that crowd.’ But she was like, ‘Man, nah, I want to record it this way.’ I was like ‘man.’images (12)

So me and Mike didn’t even get a chance to work on the last album [Jackie], even though we had a number 1-coming off a number 1. I was like…thought that was a little weird. And we still in a relationship so it was like…sh|t kinda threw me off.

At the same time I had already said we were about to go and get married so she was just trying to feel like ‘we need to rush the date and go on and do it, I’m like, ‘No. I’m not finna get married. We not getting…I wanna marry you but I can’t have no big wedding on E! News…I can’t have all dem mufu(ckin…this..this big a$$ god-dayum…all these different…big…media outlets… all these media outlets cover my wedding…and I’m not comfortable… I’m not even comfortable with the people who in here…

I’m not comfortable about…where I’m at in my career. I’m not comfortable with…about compromising about just being the person that I am being the man that I am, and I feel like my better judgment is to go back and record and make music …make the music that I know the people want. I know they want the ratchet sh|t from me, I know they want me to say the most…disrespectful sh|t it is because that’s just what they come from me. I came in like that. I gotta say some off the wall sh|t to get people’s attention. And I felt like I knew what I was doing. I said it, and then sh|t, I had to do it.”

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