I.R.S Can’t Keep Their E.Y.E.S off L-BOOGIE

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  The words sang by Lauryn Hill: “You’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off of you,” are starting to seem like a haunting of art imitating life as new news is surfacing that the IRS is dropping down and putting the eagle on the songbird yet again, with claims that she is even bigger tax troubles than before.


lauryn__  As we’ve reported, the singer was recently released from prison for [not necessarily because of tax evasion], but because she was threatened with tax evasion and owed (I believe was a million dollars); she showed up to court with $900,000.00 of that $1 million + plus pulled a Kanye: Offered some unexpected words she wanted to put forth to the judge (and as a result of being $100,000 short + Gemini spiel she handed over to the judge that I’d kill to have been a fly on the wall to have seen) she was sentenced to jail.

th (1)  Well it’s been six months now since her release and having been granted permission to delay her house arrest portion of the tail end of her sentencing, Ms. Hill hit the ground grinding as if she was merely a girl interrupted for just a day, and now (yet again), she is being hit with another tax case in which, according to the Internal Revenue Service, she owes something to the tune of a total of $867,000, where the IRS charges that: 

  • In 2005, Hill, a South Orange New Jersey resident, failed to pay $422,008.26
  • 2006: Hill reportedly owes $19,838.75
  • 2007: $61,158.50
  • 2008: $58,405.71
  • 2009: $30,370.91
  • 2010: $13,247.73
  • 2011: $261,838.19

…a total of $866,868.05.


And I thought I had big things poppin’ having been slapped with a $2700.00 tax bill.

Geezel Peetes…

laurynhill       Lauryn Hill is a multi-talented, multi-platinum, multi-Grammy winning award winning singer who too, raps acts. 

LAUR  She earned her fame in the 90’s as the frontwoman of the rap group:

fugees1  The Fugees as well as being featured on countless other artists efforts such as Nas’ “If I Ruled The World” before releasing her multi-platinum timeless solo album in 1998 called:

th (2) “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.”

With regard to this recent information on her tax case, her lawyers could not be reached.




For the record, at Other Side of the Fame, my lingo and rhetoric on these blogs sometimes require further elaboration in what I mean when I say certain things. So while writing (like I did above), I may provide a link to another blog to elaborate (examples) about what I mean by certain things.

What do I mean when I say someone pulled a Kanye?

Typically something that I totally identify with and that I myself [am guilty of?] and believe is the best way to shed light on dark situations/shame the devil, when I say “pulled a Kanye” I mean (without premeditaion or deliberation)  they said something totally unexpected to, or about whom it concerns without having given the receiver time, notice, or the notion that something (usually honest, and candid) was about to come flying out their mouths to whomever, whenever, and wherever—typically right where you or they are literally standing……..(and blank stares typically follow).

The whole Kanye delivering in this video: LoL!

↑ That is “Pulling a Kanye.”

Source: Janelle Griffith/Star Ledger

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