Hip-Hop Drama Series Underway Produced By JONAH HILL, Q-TIP & LEONARDO DICAPRIO

images (3)  Jonah Hill and Leonardo DiCaprio just teamed up in The Wolf of Wall Street  images (2) and the pair is teaming up again

download (1) images (5)

with Grammy Award winning rapper and former member of A Tribe Called Quest:  download (2)   

Q-Tip (who too, has been longtime friends with DiCaprio). 

The trio will be developing a hip-hop television drama series that will be loosely based on hip-hop artist’s experience during the “Native Tongues” era (closely tied to the Universal Zulu Nation).

Native Tongues are a collective of late 80’ and early 90’s hip-hop artists known for their “conscious rap,” positive, organic-natured lyrics, versus lyrics about worldly dogma.

Musically and melodically, the era is also known for pioneering jazz-influenced beats (like that of Digable Planets’ “Cool Like That”).

…Okay, okay. I’m getting too excited, nostalgic and carried away. I totally tried to avoid putting any music on  (to use as examples about this blog’s subject) but I couldn’t help myself…

And trust me, everybody mentioned on this page has music befitting the scope of [what I believe to be] is the idea behind this project and what this drama series’ message/premise is.

Deep sigh.


Let me get you back to the story, though:

     download (3)     download (4)   <———“Native Tongue’s” principle members are The Jungle Brothers, De La Soul (and A Tribe Called Quest–abovementioned).

…And by affiliation, association and comradery: Queen Latifah and Monie Love :  images (8) download (5)   download (6)  

Production of this untitled hip-hop series will be by way of DiCaprio’s production company: Appian Way.  download

According to reports, the show will be pitched to networks sometime next week.

We at Other Side of the Fame will keep you posted on the G’s going forward.




h/t MSN via Entertainment Tonight

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