He Will Be Loved: ADAM LEVINE Bombrushed On Stage By Overzealous Fan

Maroon 5 front man, singer Adam Levine got the literal meaning of the words to his own song: “She Will Be Loved” brought to him live, in the flesh and on stage Monday night.

While performing in Anaheim, California one overzealous decided she would be loved-and went for it: Jumped right on stage and started grabbing the happily married, one-time playboy and heartbreaker.



Although, according to Adam, the moment was quite terrifying, the NBC The Voice  coach coached the excited fan into a state of calm until the woman was escorted off the stage. He explained:

“It’s just weird — you’re in the moment and your singing and your eyes are closed and you’re having this beautiful moment, and then the next thing you know someone’s fucking in your face. Super terrifying. Just ‘cause, like, you weren’t expecting it, you know what I mean?”

That’s how you have to crazy people. Keep the calm. All those people in their heads want is somebody to play with for lil’ bit. LoL.

All jokes aside and glad it’s over, astonished Adam explained:

“She like, cut my ear, with her fingernail. It’s all good. I love you, sweetheart — I’m glad you’re a fan of the band.”




Enjoy another one of my many faves from Adam (befitting this situation)…sorta, right? LoL:

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