HALLE BERRY Ordered To Pay Like a “Baby-Mama” to Her Baby’s Daddy

Halle_garbiel_nahla_as_baby nahla_gabe_nahla_halle       Although (even before the November 2013 birth of Other Side of the Fame blog) the

situation has been brewing for a long time now-Halle Berry’s baby daddy (slash) French-Canadian model: thCA3HTH25 Gabriel Aubry fighting tooth and nail in countless

successful attempts to block Halle from fleeing out of the United States with her new boo: thCAN3TKOVactor Olivier Martinez and their son Maceo along with Aubry’s daughter

Nahla which too, (in November 2012) escalated to a physical altercation in which Olivier had to lay  those thCAC5Z38J boxing hands on Gabriel such that it resulted in embarrassing black eye for the pretty-boy model. The swollen after-effects  aftermath made headlines all across the news and Internet.



Well although Berry and boyfriend Olivier haven’t been able to make that move, the happy couple has still been able to make due with living life here in the states but not without incident (again-which, to many-a-baby daddy’s who’ve experienced blows and black-eyes in the form of financial sanctions, may find this tidbit a kind of “sweet revenge” on behalf of men):

According to reports, Berry has been ordered to pay Aubry $16,000 per month in child support to help care for their daughter Nahla. After a bitter domestic court battle, although Berry and Aubry could agree on much-in 2012, they agreed to share custody of the six year-old and here we are, two years and one healed meatball of the eye later, a Los Angeles judge has awarded Halle’s baby-daddy financial aid thCAP3DF1V since he wasn’t able to sue for that long overdue ass-whipping he received while stepping onto the Berry’s premises with all that baby-daddy drama that was the final straw + lead to the altercation having happened.

To add insult to injury (no pun intended), well…”victory” to injury… according to court documents filed following the May 30 hearing that took place, Berry must also fork over $115k in retroactive support + 300k in attorneys fees.

The monthly payout payments are set to continue through to the time Nahla turns 19 years old or graduates from high school (whichever comes first).

holds hands up religiously

With a soap-opera like this, I know to the GOD’s Halle wishes Nahla would grow up as fast as those soap-opera children who, on Monday are 3 by Friday: 15.

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