Grindin’Round On That Nina – Smokin’ On Keyshia: KEYSHIA COLE-Slawing for the ‘Gram


Keyshia_You know how we have those spontaneous moments in the mirror where we did a lil’ dance (or something we thought was cute or sexy) and then perhaps when we get out on the dance floor, or we end up somewhere and we reenact it-hoping it goes over well [just like it did when we did it when no one was watching?]

Don’t you hate that when that happens?

(We’ve all had those moments, right?)

Well, in [what seemed like] a moment just like that, singer Keyshia Cole must’ve caught herself up on her hind legs in her bed one day-while looking at herself in the mirror and proceeded to simulate sex, or slow whine on her hinds.

So at the very first chance she could get to reenact the moment, we guess she thought she’d put it on the Internet for the world to see because that’s certainly what happened today.

Although the posts have since been deleted, the “streetz iz watchin’ and even reported that she referenced Birdman in the caption of [the now deleted] posts.


Some say she was trying to turn Birdman on/did it for him.

Others think she’s on bath salts.

Others cracked that the Point of No Return singer was having a “Frankie” moment.

And the remainder…just don’t know what to think.

We never really thought of Keyshia as some sex-kitten like that, so it went over a bit awkward, I guess but..oh well. It’ll all blow over tomorrow.

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