YOUNG THUG: Interviews With French Media Site CLIQUE Talks DONALD TRUMP, KANEY WEST, TUPAC, Reincarnation and……His Childhood

Outside of a [quite a few] popular rap songs, cameos, some less than “masculine” statements made about a few good virile men in entertainment being his “Bae” and other questionable statements
of the sort, many don’t know much about rapper “Young Thug” who came to light and life most recently when being implicated in the attempted murder of rapper Lil’ Wayne and here of late: [as being] the baby-daddy of the baby in the video of the toddler making its way around the net where she’s babbling expletives—that seemingly, she  understands quite well.

Just recently, the “baby-mama” surfaced with a statement regarding the backlash she (and Young Thug) received as parents of the young child.young-thug-hookah

Although (other than her statement) we still know nothing much about the “baby mama,” and (for many) only just a tad more about the My Baby rapper who just released his new mixtape this week Slime Season


…below is a recent interview he did with French journalist from media site Clique where he talks about his creative process, Tupac, reincarnation, Donald Trump, his connection and likeness to Kanye West and well…his childhood.

Although many of us would probably ask a different/more useful question when asking how to speaking or say something in the native language of the person by whom we are being interviewed, “Young Thug” is curious to know what: “sck my d/ck” is [in French].

Uh. Well. No…we won’t equate that with a newfound understanding of just how his toddler child would understand (and say): “I’m mu’fckin tired,” but we can’t deny that in hindsights forethought, it’s a start thought.

So without further adieu, here’s “Young Thug” …just being himself though, and well, as he says (repeatedly) in the interview [to his haters and critics]: “fck you.”

But for those who don’t, get to know him:



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