For 3-5 Years DARREN SHARPER To Undergo Penis Polygraph + Other Stiff Stipulations Upon Release–Of His 9 Year Sentence


In lieu of the 9-year prison sentence he was just slapped with (for systematically raping systematically drugging and raping women in Louisiana, Nevada, California and Arizona), once released (via GPS), Darren Sharper’s first 3-5 years of future freedom has already been mapped out and meticulously set to monitor him with the following:sharper-rape-charges-football


  • No alcohol for life
  • No bars
  • No liquor stores
  • No sex shops
  • No chat or Internet dating sites
  • No spending the night away from home or traveling more than 50 miles (without state official’s approval)
  • Undergo sex offender treatment for years

…That’s all in the state of California



Darren Sharper

In addition to that (while on lifetime probation in the state of Arizona), Sharper must:

  • Be subjected to random emotional response/lie-detector tests and penile plethysmograph testing which is a lie detector test all its own—and erection response test with in which a series of sexual images flashing before his eyes will gauge his [level of?] arousal.mhf3i09u782766j7l81enbgl0q09ype


Although it seems like an oxymoron of an option or the result of a copycat piece of information, but it’s also being reported that Sharper has the option to:

  • Serve these 9 years and for up to 5 years afterwards, be subjected to the seven bulleted areas of punishment upon his release
  • Serve the whole 14 years—and still be subjected to the seven bulleted areas of punishment (I’m guessing for less than five years afterwards).

Darren is serving his time at the Tammany Parish jail in Covington, Louisiana pending a plea of guilt in federal court on three of the rape charge counts as handed over by the grand jury.

Turns out, Sharper was acting in concert with St. Bernard Parish Deputy Brandon Licciardi who, with Sharper, is accused of a long-running conspiracy to drug and rape women.

I’m all about the five senses and the power of them as (in situations like this), they help “humanize” the person that we are reading or hearing about (over the still-life of these pics and a few words).

When you think you know, or hear so much about a person (especially when it’s the antithesis of how they look to the eye/sense of sight); it helps to see and/or hear them in action–it just does something to satisfy your curiosity.

Here is some footage of sharper in action, commentating about sports–during the time he was in the middle of doing some of these acts!

Good looking dude.

People-be having all kinds of sh|t going on don’t they?

Check him out:


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