DRAKE Double-Tapped to Hand ‘Trophies’ at ESPYS, Parties in the Paint With Boo RIHANNA, LOLO JONES Takes a Shot

rihanna-drake-happy-chris-jail-suit-lead1 If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with (even more so) the one who’s with + wants you!

I must say, I’m happy for Rihanna in that regard, because she seemed to be way more into Chris than Chris was into her-every picture, every break up to make up. That body language was always so lopsided-so much so I would tilt my head hoping to balance the obvious one-sidedness. You see, for us ladies-it’s never supposed to be that way. Men just have to not be able to have enough of you in order for the relationship to function, because his options are more and plentiful [than a woman’s is].

article-2601298-1D0073A000000578-218_634x620  In that regard, Drake is perfect for her. If judging by his persona and public reputation-whether it be what he, himself has put out, (or rumored out); he seems to love every girl girl that one way, so if it’s Rihanna’s turn up for bat, as Maroon 5 sings it: She will be loved. So let her live (and love) people!

0410-drake-rihanna-clippers-getty-3 I’m feeling TeamAubrih. She’s better for his reputation-professionally. Considering their careers, they have more in common. And too, could, as a couple, even if (as many think) this is all for publicity; actually, they don’t have to sing or rap for a long time. Their being seen together is making money for them both. The public’s vested and overzealous interest in psychoanalyzing what is or what is not between them is money-making enough. Either way I love it! Milk you guy’s vested interest-it’s the name of the game.

I say, go Team Aubrih whether it be in love, like, parlaying or playing-despite what their haters think the lovebirds go hard in the paint.

article-2601298-1D0072B900000578-557_634x493 Just recently, to two were spotted the other night at the Clippers’ NBA game courtside, bouncing off of and staring into each other’s and hugging it up where a full-faced Rihanna looked every bit in love (or preggers-let her face tell it). Hmmmmm. I’ll leave y’all to looking for baby bumps, though.

At any rate.

Just shortly before that, Drizzy showed his love and support for his lady love at the Supper Club in L.A where Rihanna threw a birthday party for her bestie: Melissa Ford.


Drizzy’s good news continues to pour in as since his big night on Saturday Night Live, he proved himself worthy of being able to add more than “rapper,” and “actor” to his resume. The “Trophy” rapper was recently tapped to step way out of his element: host the ESPY Awards-present and hand out trophies to the world’s greatest athletes.

nba_g_drake33_cr_200x300  The Toronto Raptors’ ambassador and notated sports fanatic accepted the offer to host the July 16 ceremony where, for sports figures and fans-the ESPY’s are the equivalent of actors’ Academy Awards.

His invitation and acceptance to host didn’t go without incident however, as one of sport’s basketball notables came off the hip and took a shot at Drake’s lady love via Twitter:


We’re guessing that Lo-Lo saw fit to put that in the net seeing as through Rihanna dated basketball’s Matt Kemp once upon a time.


O_LOL_DRAKE AND MATTKEMP_  If judging from this picture that Drake took with Matt, Lo-Lo may have a point if one were to meme this pic of Rihanna’s two Boo’s: Drake standing there looking tight and uncooperative—sending all kinds of shade into the lens and pixels [while Matt smiles into the camera].

Well, the whistle was blown on Matt and Rihanna which leaves Drizzy all the room in the paint he wishes to have with his near future baby mama and present lady love. I’m thinking, if the “Trophy” rapper has any awards to hand over to Matt Kemp while on stage hosting, it’ll come with a tight handshake for leaving Rihanna free to be back into his arms again. You guys will have to just wait and see how the ball bounces on this on July 16.


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