DOE B, Hustle Gang Artist, Gunned Down at Venue

Doe B  Rapper Doe B, 22, whose real name is Glenn Thomas, signed to Hustle Gang just last summer (founded by rapper T.I) was gunned down in a club called Centennial Bar and Grill in Montgomery, Alabama in the early morning hours of December 28, 2013 which resulted in another fatality in addition to his.

kimberle-johnson  A bystander-a woman by the name of Kimberle Johnson, who was accepted to the Troy University School of Social Work Program and set to begin in Spring 2014 + recently celebrated her 21st birthday earlier this week, was too gunned down during the mayhem. And undisclosed number of bullets were sprayed into a crowd of fans at the venue that (according to reports) all which were intended for Rapper Doe B (who wasn’t performing at the time).

rapper-doe-b-  According to a local news station WSFA, Doe B was transported to Baptist Medical Center South where he was pronounced dead.

Six other bystanders were rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds. Lt. Regina Duckett reported that those six people were in stable condition on Saturday morning.

Johnson, however, died on the scene.

doe-b Rapper Doe B, sported a signature eye patch as a result of another shooting three years ago, reported WFSA. 

The cities latest two homicides bring the homicide total for the 2013 to 48.

According to reports, this venue (whose former name was Rose Supper Club) was an eye sore to the community as it was said that shootings [there] continued to occur despite the presence of security and repeated warnings from the city about the violence and two other people fatally shot there earlier this year.

Mayor Todd Strange who said the club posed and ‘imminent threat to public safety’ had this to say: “I believe it is not a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when’ the next tragic incident occurs at this business.”

He continued: “That is unacceptable, and that is why we have ordered the business to be closed effective immediately.” 

As being reported, according to Kimberle Johnson’s social media accounts, she was scheduled to participate in an upcoming fashion show for the TroyUniversity student body and known to be a big fan of rapper Meek Mill.

Those closely associated with Johnson, spoke loud enough and flooded Mills Instagram with the news in hopes of his attendance to honor their fallen friend of fanned him. Mill graciously replied on his Instagram-posting a picture of Kimberle: “R I P 2 her she was A big fan of mines killed in the shooting of #Doeb What a shame! #ripkim #ripdoeb

Additionally, T.I Posted  condolences from rapper, B.O.B as well as the following:

Doe B leaves behind: two young children and a third on the way.

No reports to confirm whether or not Kimberle Johnson and Doe B had any direct connection to one another.

No arrests have been made in the shooting

Our condolences to all families involved.


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